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The girl was out of her league, she was lost, far from her home. Only fourteen, a small petite soul, but knowledgeable of mechanics and the fight. Her machine was her only protector, she was alone in the eye of the chaos, if she wished to make it back she would have to fight for it.

Her energy core was only at sixty five percent, a problem as the hoardes were on her heel. She pressed a tattered rag to the side of her abdomen, the wound slowly gushed warm blood. She would soon need a new rag, and she would also need proper bandages. Her vision blurred in and out, her left ear was slightly deafened. Her ammo was halved, the leg of her mech bot had a slight hobble to it.

She breathed deeply, and wiped the sweat from her brow. Her hands were sore, a result of her extended clenching on the controls of the console. She was on the retreat, but only because it had been the best tactical option, she hadn’t assumed to be able to leave alive. She didn’t care much anymore, she didn’t have anyone, everyone had been trapped or killed in the landing of the asteroid. She couldn’t even reach her base, she figured them destroyed.

She shed a tear, which struggled to slide across her dirtied cheek. She knew she wouldn’t see them ever again. She had wished she could feel her father’s embrace, and see the smile on her little brothers face once more. Her colony hadn’t been luxurious, it had been in construction to repair it from fallout since a civil war between the east and the west wings. Children were seldom allowed to be children, and do what children did. Many were prepared and trained in combat stations, whether support or front line. She had been a pilot, one of the few picked to take seats in the mech bots created in defense of the mutant kind. Large beasts, bloodthirsty, genetically obnoxious monsters who were far removed from their original forms.

Wolves. Ancient man beasts, DNA spliced with alien wolf-kind. They were a constant threat to humanity, and their works. Man itself, was corrupted by its own foolish ambitions, conflict of decision which had lead to the war of her home. She had cared for none of it, she had only wished to do what she had felt right. To lead the protection of her people, those who needed care.

That was all gone now, they had all been lost. The result of what was called a catastrophic accident. She had no where to return, so she only trudged forward. Soon her bot would run out of energy, she would be defenceless. But she didn’t care. She had nothing left, she had no where to go. Too young to even think about getting shelter of her own, she would have to find her way within the wilderness. They would eventually find her, and she couldn’t hold them off forever.

Through the cracked screen on her dash, the rear camera showed her that they were beginning to come within distance of her, her hobbled walk hadn’t been fast enough to make much distance. It wouldn’t be nimble either when it came to needing close hand combat, tactical use of her remaining ammo would be very important to her. Beads of sweat ran down her forehead, and her breathing started to heavy, she pushed to stick as far as it would go, but the bot trudged forward at the same speed. Suddenly, in the distance ahead of her she saw them, more mutants, they would look to sandwich her in.

Her insides felt warm, and began to grow warmer. Her eyes darted back and forth between her console, and the remainders of her equipment inside her cockpit, much of it was damaged and what was left was on half supply. She tried her best to control her breathing, and remember her training, but it was all getting away from her. She pulled up the arm of the bot and pointed the rifle toward the incoming horde.

The zoomed view of them revealed their ugly gnarled faces, their mangled teeth spelled out disaster for her situation. The monsters approached from forward, and behind, and her fuel wasn’t sufficient enough for a clean escape, her hobbled leg would never see her away on the ground either. Her hands started to tremble at the control stick, with the other hand she started to wipe the tears as they began to fall from her eyes. The feeling of them was warm, a subtle reminder of the steamed tea her mom used to make for her when she was little. She knew she would never live those memories again.

She looked dead into the eye of the beast, large purple orbs that gleamed in the sunlight, she could see the detail of the saliva dripping from its mouth. She started to whimper, and squeezed the trigger of the control almost hard enough to break it. A storm of bullets launched towards the horde, and she saw them fall one by one. For each one that fell, she saw another take its place. Her eyes grew wide, and filled full of hot tears.

The arm of the bot thrusted forward, planting its blade right into the chest of its target, one of the quicker variants had broken through the ranks. She was soon to be taking them on both sides, her options were as limited as her ammo. Suddenly the hub rocked, and the alarms sounded, she had been grabbed from behind. She could hear the searing sounds of the claws tearing through the metal of the bot under the blaring of the alarm, her training kicked back into her head.

Her foot kicked the petal hard, and the thrusters of the machine charged up and began to shake violently against the pull of the wolves collecting around her. Alarms warned her of the less than optimal conditions, but she blocked them out. In her mind, she blocked every thought out of her head.

Against the opposition, the bot managed to propel itself up into the air, ripping arms and jaws from the unlucky mutant wolves who had been to close. Air holes in the body caused the flight to be slightly off course, she attempted to correct it as best she could. Below she saw them, howling and swiping towards her like mindless blood lusting monsters angry at their lost meal.

She smiled finally, and a tear dropped down to her lips.

Far enough ahead of the area, she could no longer see them now. She felt elated that she had somehow escaped. For a moment, she allowed herself to feel hope.

Suddenly, she heard an explosion. The indicators told her of a failure in the body, the propulsion system had blown. In a scramble, she tried to correct it, but there was no use to her attempts. She searched her mind, “Think, think.” She told herself. Finally she arrived at the answer, and breathed a small sigh of relief.

The hatch blasted open, and her pilot seat catapulted her out into the air, but not before banging her knee against some protruding equipment. She stuffed her cries as she peaked height in the air, although her knee had been bashed badly. She assumed it broken. She held at her knee, squeezed it as the chute erupted from the chair, another to add to her injury count.

Without warning, the chute started to twist, in the next moment it was ripped from her in a strong gust of wind. Her eyes grew wide, as she watched the strand of it disappear far from her. She couldn’t contain her cries, as the sound of the wind was the only sound she could hear. She was now falling to the ground below, deaf to her own cries as she looked towards shore.

In quick thinking, she released herself, and jumped into the air her only hope was making it to the water below. With one last effort of hope, she closed her eyes and remembered her family, and the good times of the colony. She spoke of the joys to herself.

Her body fell, and fell, her only hope of her survival would be amongst the waters below, or she would surely die a shattered mess of herself against the jagged rocks.

She could only hope.


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