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Cold thick liquid fell from her lips.
She woke up within nothing but pure darkness. She was naked and her hair was strewn all about.
Disoriented, no idea which way was left or right, and no idea where to go.
She pushed herself up to a seat, then did nothing.
Suddenly, after waiting moments, she saw the glow of a faint light. Finally, it was the small sense of direction she had needed. She had feared moving away from her spot with no idea of the area.
She leaned forward and crawled on all fours into the direction of the light, she felt her long nails clicking on the hard floor.
It felt as if the light had been calling her, that it had been the savior of her situation.
As she neared closer to it she felt it warm her, her curiosity began to peak, and she began to breathe more heavily. She completely engulfed herself into the light, and it consumed her senses.
Once the light died down, she realized that she was now in the an empty parking lot behind of a few tall buildings.
Confused, she looked to cover herself as she still completely lacked any type of clothing and only her long hair could cover her private areas.
Her head snapped left and right in search of anyone, but it was empty.
As she walked to the time schedule posting on the building, she realized that it to be a bank. It was completely dark inside, which told her that it was a Sunday and that it had been closed.
She looked up and noticed the sky was completely overcast, and the lack of Sun caused cool breezes to give her goosebumps. She shivered and quickly dashed from the glass doors to the edge of the buildings. She peered over and noticed that she was mostly alone. The occasional car, and walking person her only company.
She thought to ask for directions, however without clothes she knew that she might raise more suspicions than she felt comfortable with. She had no idea of how she had even gotten there, and no idea of where she had even came from in the least.
When the coast was clear she scurried past the open streets and under the shelter of an empty parking garage. She looked around to see if anyone had seen her, but there didn’t appear to be anyone around.
Behind her she noticed the operator’s office, there was a dim light which illuminated the inside of it.
The door had been slightly cracked, and she could see from the small window that there was a shirt strewn over the desk, and a small package beside of it.
She threw the shirt over her top half, and after ripping the package open with her teeth, she stepped into the loosely fitting pants. She felt better as she stepped outside once more, although it was still very much empty as far as her eye could see.
She walked out amongst the grey toned streets, she noticed all around her was the same, and that it all appeared desolate, and dead. She couldn’t grasp where she was, or where she should go.
An orange fox came into her line of vision in the distance, it caught her eye as it was the only movement around. Wide eyed, she leapt to run towards it. Her bare feet clapped at the cool concrete as she quickly paced towards it, her breath quickened as she scurried.
The fox was illusive, but she was fast and she followed the glow as it left a trail in the grey surroundings.
As she reached the end of the block, she noted her shortened distance to the fox. It’s glow began to increase. It looked like a lantern to her, and a smile fell on her lips.
She was elated as she was about to finally grasp it in her arms. Suddenly, as she did, it’s light glared brightly and then consumed her within the next moment.
When the light died down, and her vision cleared, she noticed out of her blurred vision that she was once more in a completely different surrounding.
She felt crying. As her head snapped to all directions, she wished that she had been transported home instead.
Tears dripped from her cheeks, and she fell to her knees in the sharp grass. She had no idea where home was, she realized.
She was completely without information of who she was.
She raised her hand to glance at her skin, fair with aloe scales gently accenting the back of it. Her nails were eerily pink, a sign that she despite her current confusion, she was perfectly healthy.
She had been transported to a forest, and stood still in the grass of an open field.
Tall trees, and low cloves of vegetation surrounded the field. She could smell the rosy scent of it all as it swooped into her nostrils.
A pair of tall people walked slowly between the trees in the distance. They appeared to be holding hands, and walked very slowly in the warm glow of the bright sun.
She scurried up and raced to the nearest tree, then looked slightly past it to get a better look.
The two were much taller than her, a male and a female both holding hands as they strode gracefully.
She noticed that both were naked, but it failed to bother her.
Many flowers had sprouted about the field, she noticed their variety of colors as the tears began to dry in her eyes.
She smiled, and began to step over the bushes, while she traced the couple with her eyes. She stumbled on some of the twigs as she hurried to reach them. She panted as she ran to them, a gleeful look on her face.
“Hey!” She called out, but the two continued. “Excuse me!” She called out again. The two stopped in their tracks, and both turned in unison to face the direction of the sound.
She veered back, and her back hit hard against the trunk of a tree. She winced, but couldn’t take her eyes from the two, their eyes were full of blackness and their full pink lips carried large fangs beneath them that hung down to their chins.
She sensed something was very wrong, and quickly turned and leapt through a bush as she tried to make it to the opposite direction.
A strong grip grasped at her angle, and she gasped at the strength of it as it clenched down on her bone. She turned to see the two staring down at her, their blackened eyes speaking no emotion amongst their stoic expressions.
She felt fear grow immensely inside of her, and her eyes began to fill with hot tears.
The male had his hand on her, and pulled her through the vegetation towards him. She felt the roughness as her back broke through both twig and leaf.
With her eyes wide, and with confused expression, she looked up at them. “Why are you doing this to me?” She asked, but they offered no reply.
Moments later the male’s mouth slowly opened revealing his grizzly, long, sharp row of fanged teeth. Saliva dripped from his mouth as he lured her closer to him.
The female soon followed suit, and also revealed her own assortment of daggered teeth. She screamed and kicked hopelessly against the strong grip that she felt crushing her bone.
Directly beneath the two, they lowered while both gripped her body at opposite ends. Their long serpent tongues uncoiled from their elongated jaws and licked at her. She felt the rough texture of them trace along her body, in-between her legs, while the other’s danced along her breasts and neck. She whimpered and turned away, but couldn’t move an inch under their unearthly grips.
She was being violated, and thought that she would die soon. She had only wished to know why, and what she had done to end up in such a nightmare.
The head of the female jerked forward, and her long fangs sunk into her neck. She felt their length as they moved deep beneath her skin into the muscle.
Blood started to pool, but her predator sucked it up, and she felt the blood being forced out of her body.
Through her blurring vision, she looked up to see that the male simply looked down at her, as if he was waiting to take his turn in the meal.
She began to shiver, as the teeth began to sink deeper and deeper into her tissue. She just wanted it to end. She let her body go limp, turned from the horror, closed her eyes, and waited for death.
Moments later she felt another set of teeth bite down on her abdomen, its teeth just grazing one of her ribs as it inserted her skin.
She cried out at the top her lungs at the pain, and blood gurgled from her lips and ran down to her chin.
Her tears were heavy now, as her muscle was now being ripped away, shredded by the two’s bladelike teeth.
Her vision started to be overtaken by darkness, and the sounds of their gorging went null.
She was losing her grip on consciousness, as she fell to the depths of her death, back to the blackness from she had recently came.
Suddenly, the orange fox appeared in the darkness. The glow of it felt warm and familiar to her, she felt the urge to reach it and seek the comfort of it.
She stared at the light of it until it died out, and left her alone in the darkness again. She then realized a cool hard texture beneath her, and reached down to feel at the surface of it with her figures. It was hard and rough to the touch.
She felt at her skin, and noticed the scales. Her neck, was whole, and her body had no sign of holes or missing parts.
She gasped in the darkness, as a glimmer of light once more became visible.
She ran towards it as fast as she could, she was soon breathing heavily as the balls of her feet impacted hard against the solid ground.
She ran to the light until it consumed her, and blinded all she could see.
Once it ceased, and the blur in her vision became clear again, she noticed she was had now been surrounded by the toasty sands while waters slapped at the edge of the land.
Her mouth suddenly felt uncomfortable. She placed her fingers at her lips, and she gasped as she felt sharp fangs under them. Her breathing grew uncontrollable, and she spun herself around to witness her full new surroundings.
Her mouth drew agape at the new sight.
She looked up, and dropped to her knees as looking down at her were a large set of orb eyes. She fell to the palms of her hands, and her eyes began to tear as the giant humanoid creature smiled slightly at the sight of her.
She once again found herself in the surroundings of a completely new nightmare.

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