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So, when this movie was announced and I heard that Gal Gadot was going to be playing Wonder Woman I basically was like “wow, that movie is going to be a joke.” Gal Gadot the female that I know who played in Fast in Furious and my first thought of her was the bikini pool scene and how petite she was- definitely not something I would picture as a muscle-ripped heroine.

Regardless, I had heard many rave reviews about this movie so last night I actually pumped 5.99 into renting it on Vudu and watched it.

First off, it wasn’t disappointing.

One of the coolest things about it, well, firstly Gal Gadot is a beauty goddess so much so that I had to look up her ethnicity and find out she is Israeli and I was like well no wonder, but anyhow she is amazingly gorgeous to look at.

Beyond that the movie itself is a also splendor to look at, it’s something about these new hero movies that have such a ‘comic-page’ shine to them and this looks just as impressive. At first thought I thought it wouldn’t measure up to Marvel’s movie line visually but, I was wrong.

I was impressed with the writing, the lines that tied into the plot-line and the purpose right from the beginning, it was simple and does well in explaining why she leaves the island to begin with and why she is willing to risk herself to help these foreign men from outside of her little paradise home.

The action was impressive. Not so because of simple mindlessness but rather because it is some of the most creatively implemented action I’ve seen in a long time, you can tell that some top of the line choreography went into it. Thumbs up for sure.

It is almost three hours long or about two hours and thirty minutes but somehow it feels more like a short movie, than a really long one. All in all it almost feels like a TV show as more witty lines and comedy fill the calm scenes than real deep character building elements. This isn’t to say that it’s bad, but overall it just feels very smooth and simple, more-or-less not much is going to go over your head in terms of plot and development.

At the end of it all it felt satisfying, actually it’s a rather simply written movie with some fun characters, creative action scenes, and liquid clear visual style. It’s a pretty nice packaged product.

All in all, I left it feeling more like it was a ‘woman inspiring’ flick more than a hardcore and in depth movie but that was probably the direction so if so they nailed that on the head.

It’s a good movie, and worth a watch and a re-watch on rainy days. Rent or buy it!



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