Above Race and Skin Colors- Are Classifications Really Necessary?14 min read


Race is a word, which proclaims the idea of grouping people with similar characteristics, why was it created? And what’s the use for it?

Who are the people who named for us to be separate? Who were those whom instead of looking to unify the human species, instead decided to separate us because of our varied pigmentations?

If you look at that simple fact of it, does it seem that necessary? Is there a legitimate basis for separating us as people just because we’re different colors?

Does that seem small-minded to you? Or are you a full front-liner to represent for the team that you were born into, above all others?

While there are some reasons as to why race is important, for reasons of cultural diversity, and appreciation. Although, when speaking in terms of general separation, as it stands, the state of the human race as a whole will always be weakened. Conflicts will always arise when people think themselves separate from another, especially when speaking of those who take skin color as the main priority for guiding their actions.

Some separation in the realm of personal thinking is natural, although to distinguish people by their skin-color is typically a learnt trait taught to us either by parents, or elder family members first.

It’s also typical that because of teachings like these in general, people will tend to hang around those who look more like them growing up, because of that level of relatability. Although this isn’t typically until we are older in our youth, somewhere between middle-high, and high school because we are old enough to then understand the idea more clearly.

However, when that teaching of the practice of viewing others as compatible or otherwise based primarily on their ethnic background is missing, it’s typical that as growing individuals we’ll look to enjoy the company of any who share our interests, regardless of ethnicity. This is said however in the absence of purely negative experiences during youth.

Although its often that the innocently minded acts like generally looking past skin color, are often open to be corrected, or supplemented by the ideals of those with less diverse frames of thinking such as parents, or elder family members who would rather appropriate differences, whether it be from ignorance, or an intent to protect based on their personal life experiences. photo-1441174288932-b794e696f880Segregation isn’t a necessity, however, it’s still taught to us by those who came before us typically from their perspective or their way of thinking growing up in a world which was, as you’re reading this in the 21st century, more openly, and promoted as being, less accepting of color, or regional differences overall.

In the teachings of segregation for self-defense our brains are effectively trained, or at least prompted with the notion of  separating people based on “color”, this is true whether we practice it our not. It is mentioned, therefore it now exists. We are more likely to be cautious of who we accompany ourselves with based on their upbringings, and skin color simply because the data we have been given. Certain individuals adapt this way of thinking as their own, while others might disregard it, and rather rate people based more on their own personal experiences and abilities to analyze situations, and not popular consensus, or the teachings of those from an earlier chronological era.

As far as the topic of ethnicity is concerned and propagated, there’s also the existence of the media, and the overall way in which it decides to portray the human populous- which is typically in the most controversial way. This is expected because controversy after-all is a reason for people to turn their heads, meaning it’s a definitive reason for people to tune in because it’s mentally stimulating to watch.

The purpose is often that for raising of fear or awareness, social status reporting- in terms of crime, or global conflicts. The media’s portrayal is more often than not swayed, slanted, and strategically manipulated to set people off, or- rise people to some type of intended action, whatever that may be. Scaredy wimps will get scared, and thusly, shame-blamers will have a target for their shame fulled dependency-originated ammo. 

But if the media wasn’t extreme to the point to essentially aggravate, and/or inspire you- what reason would you have to pay attention to it?

The example of this is obvious in the often poor judged ways in which some news-breaking stations decide to portray news involving certain ethnic groups. Subjects such as race are often a hot button for people, at least in the U.S. which is why  it’s used to bait people emotionally. Such are entities like #blacklivesmatter and the reporting of matters related to the type, which is printed because it sells papers and raises ratings. 

All of this is built off the idea of using skin color, and the creation of terms such are “race” in a way to separate, proclaim conflicting ideals, criticize behaviors, raise stereotypes, and in certain ways, conquer and confuse the mind of the common man. races2It’s a fact that when separated into smaller groups, groupings of entities are much easier to handle- this is true in war, and  in kind. In general terms, because of the fact that we’re often geared towards looking for reasons in which to separate ourselves from other groups, that we will never really be able to join as one. This essentially works against the terms of true progression. 

In the reality of the origin of the human race- we are all the same inside and out, we’re simply different shades of the same color. Period. Looking to add to that in a negative sense only makes it as complicated as it currently is.

The problem with this fact is that the realization of this simple matter was apparently too much for certain ancestral forefathers in the history of humanity proceeding creation, evolution, and general sophistication.  These persons who choice to promote wedges between us as a species were most likely those who had something to gain from declaring separations based on skin-shades, genetic attributes etc. Most likely these were people whom were essentially rich or greater in numbers compared to common folk. Whereas these mind-sets would trickle down to the lesser minded more ignorant people who would inherit the idea of separating persons based on appearance as their own albeit unconsciously or otherwise.

This however, isn’t only true for color, but regional differences as well. It’s can be held true that for groups of people with specific collective thinking, such as those who follow specific religions which are heavily influenced by their regions of residence. The creation of classes of belief is effectively also an instance which allows for its own segregation.

It’s only apparent that the separation of persons, and declaration of the term “races” is completely unnecessary when you truly dissect, and ponder it.Its a shame that this is a first requirement, as most people would rather be dogmatic than think creatively. 

While appreciation of unique ethnic cultures is prime, and important to tradition, it’s possible to also preform such without there being so much focus on creating space and distance from ourselves.

We are people of the same human-race, yet simply because we have regional differences, it’s been agreed upon for the need for us to be separated and classified as different “races” based on our pigmentation, where our ancestors originated, or how we think. This is shallow in character, and in reality it does little to help human kind as a whole, but rather the existence of the creation of the race classes is in turn primarily, and most probable to be beneficial mostly to hierarchies.

Due to the ideas of popular perspective, it’s an easy disadvantage the lesser groupings of people, while this fact is adversely used in the same way to benefit the circles of alike individuals who hold a higher amount of more influence, those who enjoy a more positive public perception.

For anyone with a semi-intelligent mind, the many ploys which could be employed by the existence of these advantages, and disadvantages are obvious. . .

In reality what is really the point of creating  titles- and terms to separate, and group people of like origin? Is it only for the benefit of certain groups? Is it to create a higher visibility of the actions of certain ethnic groups? Or is there a valid reason to officially classify us based on where we come from? races4While there might be smaller instances of the benefits to recognizing established groupings of people, the creation of race or classification is only valid and legitimate when used to assert fairness in a corrupt world- i.e. the immigration of South American future American citizens, or the acknowledging the unique needs of certain religious practices in the workforce. It can also be said that it can be used as a defense against advert racism in society, and general mistreatment of people based on their unique backgrounds.

Aside from the obvious exploits which might undoubtedly used by certain groups against others – there isn’t a need for separation, but more fittingly a changing of the mindset of people.

If we were able to accept that we are all the same race, and somewhere along the line share related genetics regardless of our ethnic, or regional differences- the classification and separation of groups of people would be rendered vastly unnecessary. Thusly, if we were able to as a people obtain a collective agreement that we are in fact not as different as we been taught to perceive ourselves, and that we are more of the same than we are different, humankind could effectively flourish.

In adapting this way of thinking, there would naturally be much less reason for conflict. While this might sound as the “hippie” way of thinking, it’s impossible to deny the validity of the thought.

The conflict with this way of thinking would stem from the still young and growing age of general idealistic freedom, and diversity. Here in this current year, we’re further- but not too far from times when racism, and over all close-mindedness ran rampant and unchecked.

Many of the adult of the current age were either born to parents old enough to have lived in a world that wasn’t allowed many of the freedoms we now enjoy, or have grandparents who had experienced life during those times.

It’s a fact that for Americans of any particular color, or quite possibly those in other countries living during current times of great adversity, have been taught and reminded of our race, or beliefs constantly, and been trained to uphold our cultures and to keep what makes us original in each of our separate races alive. This is simply the by-product of graver times of oppression which can’t be helped, and it can’t be blamed that such teachings are placed in high importance by parents who witnessed these negative instances first-hand.

Racism, and close-mindedness to religion is still alive and well. It can also adversely be said that in the same way that there are those who have been taught to preserve their uniqueness, and live proudly in their skin- there are also those who have grown up who were taught to look down on others for their differences. The idea that they themselves are somehow superior in a way, while negating that it is instead inferior, and fueled by a lowered self-esteem in the brain to even think in such a way.

These two factors are a reason why the pull for the struggle of  racial equality, as races “seen as less-than” are still rebelling against the influence of those who have the majority of the power, and set staples and marker for members of their own races to prosper and prove themselves no less proficient than others, is so prominent amongst society.

Due to those of ignorant minds, or misguided actions, the tension of diversity yet exists. Thusly as, because of those of ignorant minds, the tension was created in the first place.

The argument here is whether or not playing into this way of thinking, where each race mainly only pulls for its own, is an outdated mindset to exhibit. races3By continuing to look for reasons to stay separated, instead of looking for common ground, the ever present tension of segregation will continue to be fed. Along with the idea that the further the message is set apart from it’s origin, the less just meaning it has to those who embody it.

The example being youth who only know to follow instructions, but yet don’t know the real meaning of why to follow those instructions- thus the acts are continued, but the message has been lost and effectively diluted of its true proposed purpose. The acting for the sake of acting is an probable risk here. This adds tension, and conflict, yet leaves it without a possible cure, only a reason to continue on.

We are effectively still playing in the caged playground, and carrying the cancer of the tainted-mindsets, built by those ignorant minds that we inherited from those same very people. We keep their faulted ideals alive by first looking at how different we are from someone else, before we look to see ways where we are the same. The convoluted minded people which created the origin of the thoughts, may be dead and long gone, however we keep their dreams alive.

Older in age, more experienced adults, might say thinking in terms of those beyond segregation are confused, and lacking of any pride for who we are- but I would say that instead of looking to route only for your team, we could do much more as people by looking past the physical attributes, which are small and insignificant, and instead look to the feeling of what it is to actually understand those who stand beside us in the world.

If you’re of an older mind-state this might be hard to grasp, but once you look past the small particles, and instead look in terms of the greater scale and realize that color is just the lack of the absorption of light, and religion is simply a different technical variation on achieving the same goal, and not a just reason to prejudge an individual- it could make more sense.

The issue is that it’s much easier to stay ignorant in terms of broader reasoning, than it is to think good and hard about what type of thinking you do, and the actions you exhibit.

In order to think greater, it must be practiced.

We’re way more practiced thinking in terms of the smaller scale than in thinking in terms of the greater. Such is like trying to explain death to a five year old. It’s apparent that we must mature within the brain on the cellular level if we are truly to understand. races5You have to try before you buy into the way of thinking you are looking to obtain. If you can manage to break free from basing feelings that start from what the eyes perceive above all else, then you’ll be in a greater frame of mind to expand your thinking.

To learn, we have to acknowledge and then practice. Only after we practice, and the action becomes a habit- and the habit becomes a way of living have we truly completed the cycle.

In theory, we should all be able to come together and appreciate each other for our personalities instead of only noticing our differences. There is a supreme difference from that of speaking about our peers, and speaking of those who are intentionally wishing to cause difficulty in our lives for their own self-preservation.

But too often theories are hard pressed from becoming reality when it comes to such controversial ideals.

It also might be that mankind as a whole isn’t mature enough in its life cycle to make this conclusion. We might need more time to grow into ourselves, in the midst of new technologies, old-habits, and old ways of thinking to evolve into better people in where we can understand the true intent of others with a clear mind.

It could be possible that we will one day perceive from the inside-out, but of course only time will tell.  

However, it depends on you. So what you chose to be will shape your future, and the others who employ your circle.

Choice, as it stands, is ultimately determined by the individual, not the status quo. races6

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