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The atmosphere of what it is to be inside on a rainy day, to be sheltered away from the gloom while caught amongst the cycle of the elements can truly be something that influences you to stop and think proactively about your life.

The rain is sort of a pause button on our lives- it’s too nasty to venture out, it feels much better to stay in, this leaves us with a whole hearted excuse to stay indoors and do whatever task we need to get done. We’re trapped in a realm of productivity.

Perhaps those are tasks were we’ve been putting off, or perhaps those which we had just placed at lower priories for sake of doing more important things that required us to be out-and-about. The days filled with rain are like gloomy cloaks, we have no choice but to stay inside while nothing outside is pleasant.

Overall, rainy days give us a stark reasoning for reflection, we need days like them just as crops need water- the cycle of that which makes this world whole is like the watering of our souls. Without certain times of being watered, we simply dry-out, and become ineffective.

If we are stuck in ineffectiveness, we are stuck in ruts, if we are stuck in ruts we’re stuck in states of stagnation forever without purpose. In order to find purpose we must first acknowledge the need for purpose, and thusly take the time to reflect on what we have to offer to the world.

In order to find out what we can offer to the world, we must first find out why we aren’t yet giving it and if so- what stands in our way. The rhythmic tapping of condensation on our window-seal is like the metronome for the BPM of our thought process, it creates melody in our minds. While in extended periods of that melody we are able to hone the tune, and create music, and through that music we find our influence.

After that influence is found we then have a better grasp of the feeling that relates to our purpose, and thusly what actions can be preforms to relate to those feelings. Through forced reflection, we brainstorm and can find better what we wish to do and how to go about properly planning it, this being anything from simple house cleaning goals, relationship goals, to deep life venture goals- it’s all realized through soft reflection.

To take time to reflect is to take time to improve, although to the impatient mind it can most time seem like idle time of unaccomplishment- this isn’t true.

To improve, we must first know where the improvements need to be made and hence, the best methods of making those improvements, this is common sense, but only in the certain sense. As many of us lack the knowledge that we need to individually improve, as it can be hard without taking times like these to reflect on our actions.

We can grow by finding the time to take to stimulate personal growth, this is also common sense- as it is obvious simply by reading that sentence, however still many don’t do such.

Many look at rain, and only see negative. There’s positive in many instances that could be looked at as negative, but it takes a enlightened mind to take note of those different perspectives.

It’s not about being a fucking meditation-wiz, it’s simply about having a open mind. Sure, the rain might impede certain tasks like grocery shopping, but it could also be taken as a time to reflect, and brainstorm about what is actually needed. Think as for example, the rain might cause you to put off shopping till tomorrow, which is a pain, but it also can give you time to think about those items on your list- there may be some you could go without, or possibly better more useful ones that you’ve yet to think of.

Sometimes, it’s good to be forced to slow down. In rainy weather, look around while driving and notice all the accidents- notice the cause of those who never looked at the rain as a reason to be cautious, only a burden that gets in the way of their constant rushing. Their own closed minds kept them from realizing it’s necessary to take time to carefully take your time, and think about the steps you are making- they are only left with the effect of the actions they have never thought-through.

It’s important to think through life at times, it can keep you from further digging yourself deeper in obscurity- or quite possibly help you to more positively charge your actions in life for faster results.

Bottom line, the rain is necessary- as water is necessary for our bodies and many of the bodies on this planet, even the planet itself- hence the reason for the rain itself. It’s a cycle, it’s a stopping point, it’s a point of re-booting, it’s the intermission for all that live on the planets surface- it’s not always the burden you might think it as.

It would be in good interest to take time, and think and possibly do some reflecting instead of complaining when brought against the unforgiving power of the elements- the rewind, and turn to side B – for those who are old enough to recognize this reference. It’s good, and bad all in one, so appreciate it for what it is, even if it might not be exactly what you hope for at any given moment.

In a shower, take time to think and gather your passions- not rush through, and nevermind it. It’s not the end of your world for the day and in fact it might just prove useful if you carry an open mind enough to view it as that.

The time to reflect is always a good idea, for we know what could possibly happen when we choose to selfishly disregard.

So don’t hate the rain, in fact welcome it with a open and patient mind.

Live, breathe, and repeat. 

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