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My first thought, in the first seconds of viewing this was: wow, this art style is obviously inspired by anime.

My second thought was, well at least it looks cool enough to watch. At to a certain point, this wasn’t wrong.

Myself, being a avid watcher of Japanese animation growing up, I never got into American comics, or their adaptive cartoons.

They were a little too cartoony for me.

But here since, now in the new millinia it seems like the DC, and Marvel animation sort have been paying a tad more attention to the popularity of Anime, and it’s massively growing American following. So much so that It would be a definite to say that it’s a little more prominent in American culture of adult viewing, than well the super hero Saturday morning cartoons. 

Those observations have obviously been set into effect in this animated movie, or special- I don’t really know what to consider these since I’m not really into the culture of comics, but I’ll call it a movie for purposes of moving on. punishcap1

I’ve only watched a few of these Marvel and DC universe animated movies, and I can say that I probably watched them inquiring only for the fact of their anime inspired art styles.

Honestly, besides Batman: Gotham Knight- which probably doesn’t count because who doesn’t like Batman, but of which a massive pull of the film being its multiple art styles, other than that, they all seem to be purely fan service. 

This movie starts out with a climatic action scene, with the Punisher beating some bad guys, with Black Widow eventually showing up. She the greets and tells him “hey bro you’re messing up our operation, quit-it bro,” or something along those lines. After which they then have dialogue about a particular baddie they are both in need of, Punisher for killing, Widow for criminal operation Rico of sorts. punishcap4

Of course the lug-head Punisher is completely unconcerned with their operations and plans, and basically tells her to go screw herself. Not one to back down- of course, Widow obviously then has to attempt to settle disagreements more to Punisher’s language, in the way of fists.

This is about where the fan service starts. Big bad superheroes, and anti-heroes facing off, so sublime. 

Without going to much into the story, I will say that it’s a very basic- cliche story plot, which has been done a thousand times before. It’s nothing to write home about, and has to do with an evil underground organization named Leviathan (oh cliche) being stopped which Punisher is getting the way of.

The Punisher doesn’t want to play nice, and goes through opposition in trying to accomplish his own plans of killing a few guys to his own justice, where he is then captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and aggressively coerced to do things their way- they cuff him and tell him do what we say, or get locked up. 

Without attempting to spoil the entire plot of the core of the movie itself here, the premise is based around a scientist who has a deep love for Black Widow. Apparently to prove himself worthy of her love- went rouge, becoming a mad scientist on the benefit of the terrorist group Leviathan in order to create a super warrior creating serum.

All the while, all I could think was- dude, grow some balls..

While the way the events play through, as Punisher and Black Widow have their differences in how to operate during the mission once there, the surrounding scenes support the demasculinization of this scientist who apparently has nothing else to strive for other than proving himself worthy to stand next to Black Widow, and bend over, while she bangs him with- I mean be with her. Purely the stuff of the movies here. punishcap2

Amongst the chaos of it all, there is some heavy handed soppy eyebrow raising stuff here..

When all of the poop hits the fan, we do see some appearances by some of the other Avengers- Hulk, Iron Man of course, Thor and some others I can’t readily name; one female who might have possibly been named Spark I’m guessing, but overall it doesn’t matter because they’re just for show anyway.

After everybody gets their hands in the mix, the Kool-aid of Kickassery, the events of the built up pinnacle play out about how you think they would: a whole lot of brawling, and some bad one-liners followed by corny revelations of love. It’s actually rather sweet, if you happen to be eight years old. Or maybe you just get kicks from this type of stuff.

I might be a tad harsh in my determination, but as I said- it’s obvious this isn’t much more than a display of fan service to cure the fan-boys, and fan-girls of what ails them. Which apparently is to see sappy-corny, basically written plot-lines and their favorite masked heroes duke it out on the screen. Hero Porn, possibility, or would that be a stretch? punishcap5

For at least that much, this movie accomplishes..

While it was moderately entertaining, and the art was slightly appealing, for the rest of the population who appreciates purposeful dialogue and a capturing story, let’s face it you probably didn’t expect to get that here anyway, but you’ll be out of luck.

At the end of the day, it’s okay. It’s definitely not as good as some of the other super hero animated movies I’ve seen, but it’s not horrible- just a little sappy.

I will never watch it again.

It is however on Netflix at this moment, so it might be worth a watch if you happen to be folding laundry and need something to put on the tube.

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