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If you have ever been an appreciator of fine, or alternative modeling, photography, or perhaps just like to browse art on the site You might have perhaps seen, or know about model Theresa Manchester.

Theresa Manchester is traveling, trendsetting model with a style all of her own. She can be seen featured on many fine to alternative art photography websites such as Zivity, as well as ModelMayhem.

At 24, standing 5”8′ inches tall she’s a shining example of absolute brilliance of modeling as an art form, who’s talent far transcends her years. She is currently living the dream of full time modeling, also being a full time traveler, a sure hope of many young model aspirers out there.

I recently had the opportunity to interview this fantastic model, and here is what she had to say about herself:

What got you started modeling and why?: 

I began modeling for artists and eventually expanded into working with photographers.

Whats a typical day in your life like?: 

With constant travel there is no typical day! I have zero to no routine. On tour, I typically do 1-3 shoots a day. That can be very regulated because I’m strict about meals, excersies, and of course, sleep. On my off days I try to take it slow and relax since my busy days are so fast-paced.

Do you have any other models that you admire?:

I’ve always been a fan of classic Kate Moss.

Do you have any insecurities?:

Of course, I think we all do. I don’t have insecurities about my appearance but like anyone else, I do feel doubt or hesitation at times.

Any pet peeves?:

Runs in my stockings 🙁

Does modeling fulfill you in life, does it make your happy?:

I would say so!

Have you faced any difficulties during your modeling career?:

Getting established is the most difficult thing. Once you’ve built a good reputation, it’s a lot easier to see return for your hard work.

What the craziest time you have had, while doing a shoot?:

I’m not sure how to answer this, I’m pretty numb to unusual events. One time I had to end a shoot because the electricity to the building went off, and when we smelled something funny it turns out the powerline across from the building had burst and the woods next to the studio were completely on fire. So…. we got outta there pretty quick.

Are there any other type shoots that you would really like to do?:

I’m interested in exploring with more and more artists with out of the box idea. Fashion and beauty is fun but can get old. I’d like to creative outstanding art that looks like no one else’s.

Do you partake in any other ventures other than modeling, any other hobbies?:

Sure – I’ve studied French for years, I shoot film, and interested in hiking and recently got into rock climbing.

In ten years would you still like to see yourself modeling if not, what else would you rather be doing?:

I’m sure I will always model part time to a degree, however I’m interested in moving onto the next chapter of my life instead of clinging to modeling as a lifeboat.

Anything else that you would like to tell people about yourself, or about what you do?:

Check out my work! Take a look around. Enjoy!

Theresa is obviously a very wonderful, and interesting person. If you would like to know more about her, or see more of her work, she can be found at the following sites:

Theresa’s Main Site




Model Mayhem


Here are a couple examples of her work, for your viewing pleasure:








Such a strange girl








Image Credits Top to bottom: Self Portrait; Andrew Apuya;  Lucus Passmore; John Ellis; Adrian Portman/Jaqueline Penza; Corvus Crux; Guiseppe Danta Sapienza; Flashflood Studios; Ed Cheong; Spawl Photo; Danger Ninja; Noise Nest; Philipe; Stop Gap; Spawl Photo; Neil Snape; Adrian Carmody; Ed Cheong; Sheri Betz; Tori Lane photography; Nato Tuke -edit, some works have been removed for safe viewing- 

Much Love to Theresa!

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