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In the winter time, it’s just a natural thing for you to move slower for your body to sort of trudge along. Vitamin-E is deficient, the sun is hiding and the bones are cold, the time where it’s not at all ideal situations for runs of jubilant joy wouldn’t you say?

Sometimes, after the long, and very long work week the body is weary, the mind is overwhelmed all by the months tasks yet to be done- add on to that the fact that it’s the 20th, oh yeah, and those things haven’t even been started. Add that too.

A chin in a palm, and a long sigh of desperation an appeal to feel anything but the realization that an Earth of things are weighing down on you like the edges of sandbags slowly bleeding down your shoulders bringing you down with them.

You want to ignore, you want to escape, you want to vacation but there’s no money for that and you know it. Even pondering it is pointless and cruel.

So what’s economical in this situation? What’s rational? What really can be done when there’s so much to do and so little energy and so little personal time? Also, On a side note what really is personal time? When do you really have it, meaning when don’t you have to clean, or cook, or run around or pay bills? When is your time really yours, when you get to completely control what you wish to do? Unfortunately not often. Or at least not often enough.

But back to the point.

Really what can you do during the trying pressure filled times like these? Some would say drugs: smoking, drinking, sex, etc. All these things are the vices of the nation, but really they are means, but not really means to a complete end, but more like branches to other obscure paths that lead to their own bad endings not really satisfactory or equaling a positive sum of events. Basically, distracting from wounds with disease- neither is peace.

No, even if you truly wish it, you may not be able to go and visit Costa-Rica, or the Alps like on TV or on Instagram, or the magazines you have stacked on your end table that reveal to your house guests your inner-most venturing fantasies, but you can just chill- even it that’s all.



Do nothing.

One of the upsides to adulthood, is calling the shots on your own. Deciding when to, and when to-not. Kids, spouses of course are factors, but when they aren’t or at least for the time being a small moment of respite is a must.

During that cold, chilly afternoon, when you dare not step outside- even though you need milk, and eggs, and a dress for that thing, or a tie, you can just bundle up in a comfortable fluffy hoodie and blanket and just do absolutely nothing. Sure you can.

Who’s to say you can’t? Do you not deserve it at least sometimes? The pressure or obligation just let go if even for an hour and the simple appreciation of simply being inactive completely enjoyed? Yeah, darn right it’s deserved and warranted.

When you’re not being converted to machinery, being programmed by a work regime to perform and complete tasks, or produce a set amount of whatever there is a just reason to just lie and perform exactly nothing.

This is when the comfort is taken in an infantile like constriction of bundled and soft linen and fabrics- when sweater material whisks you off to a restful and saliva drooling bliss. The moments of these are just so sweet.

The moments like these don’t come around ever so often but when they do, they are remembered for long and soooo very appreciated. They are the moments, when everything stops and you can simply do: absent of directive.

Simple indeed, and the best thing of all is they cost nothing either, not even the energy to move your arm to the remote- nah, nothing like that in these times.

It is everlasting bliss, at least momentarily, when you can indeed just laze and lay deep interwoven in thick sweater material, and a many times threaded cloth on a soft bundle of cotton bound under a thin cloth-

the best times in life really are those that cost nothing at all. It’s there’s nothing wrong with completely enjoying that.


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