Living On the Ramen Struggle- Reaching, and Broke4 min read


You know it, the struggle- the grind, the times when the most nutritious meal in your cabinet is a delicious square, dehydrated block of squiggly noodles, you know it as soon as it hits.

That Ramen Noodle diet plan.

We don’t do it because we like it, but rather we do it because we like other things more than food at the moment- like say: keeping the lights on perhaps?

It’s factual that in life, when you grow up- I mean truly grow up, you learn that in times you must do what you must to survive. No parents, no savings bonds- just pay periods and income tax returns. It’s a proven fact that life can definitely be rough sometimes.

Ramen noodles, Cereal, Tuna fish, PB&J- all become our best friends at the times of our scavenging subsistence quests, whatever it takes to stop our stomachs from grumbling, and keep the aches away.

A sound mind is a definite plus for those of us who are the primary providers of our own life resources- no time to cry, or whine when you can only afford bologna and dollar store bread.

It’s times like those when an online advertisement for an all you can eat buffet at Red Lobsters can be a worst enemy. When those pizza flyers stacked in our mailboxes become just cruel jokes sent from the universe – these are just some symptoms of the struggle.

The grinding is real, there are goals in mind that must be apprehended- all other things on the list fall to lower priorities. It means everything simply to keep moving.

Becoming stagnant is the worst feeling.

You’re aware of your limitations, however you are fully realized in your ability to pull through till the next horizon- the pain of a empty stomach filled only by that which is technically insufficient is only a minor setback.

But how nice it would be if it were a nice steaming steak on that plate instead of a pile of shredded tuna meat…

Staring at an empty cabinet can be like a stark revelation on how empty your current life prospects are.

It can make you feel empty, and hopeless. Such a simple thing such as obtaining a meal- one we might’ve taken for granted growing up, can turn into a gateway for shattered hopes, and depressing feelings.

We need to eat to survive, just as we need hope to stay strong. Although one is obtainable through a sound mind and solid meditative efforts, the other is not as easy in the traditional sense when you’re running low on currency.

Ramen noodles comparably can be a curse more than a cure. A reminder of more of the same- bleak and bland throughout, a horrible feeling which swells from the pit of your gut and reverberates throughout your immediate surroundings.

Once one problem surfaces in our minds, it can be like a snowball effect avalanche of us realizing what else is going wrong in our current situations. Our bills, job, lack of opportunity, the lack off time- the sense of insecurity can all stem from the realization of one seemingly simple problem.

Once one short coming is seen and it all starts to pile-on, it can be hard to build up the strength to raise off the couch and find the energy to lift an effort to achieve a sense of higher ground- especially when we’re running on calories.

Not to mention protein– sweet precious protein. We don’t realize how valuable our mothers meals of seemingly routine baked chicken wings and green-beans were until we reach adulthood and have to learn to go without for a time.

It almost becomes easier to try to trick oneself to avoid thinking about eating entirely by use of coffee guzzling, as coffee is an natural hunger suppressant, and the more streamlined protein or meal replacement shake. Our little ways to trick our bodies into reacting more in our favor.

But the notion that nothing bad lasts forever is something worth being remembered…

Even though the days in which we have to endure our hunger might seem long and unforgiving, the positive side is that in return they teach us how to become strong.

The strength we build is what makes us, and it’s what will push us through from entries of tuna-crackers, to full meals of beef, beans and rice or whatever our heart desires…


All hardships can be endured with enough willpower.

Better times come to those who continue to trudge forward despite of the obstacles which stand in their way…








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