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Determining how your day will pan out can be like the control unit for a circus carousel, it can be as simple as flicking some switches on a machine- flip this to make this spin, or shut off that to prevent from overheating. It can actually be that simple, if you know how to do so.

We are always in complete control of our emotions, and feelings, and more importantly how we chose to look to the days ahead of us.

It’s all about mind-set, and emotion control.

As if you were one of the X-men, whose only power had something to do with personal emotion manipulation, donning a heart and simple brain logo on your uniform- cheesy but It helps for you to think of them as true powers that you yourself actually possess.

We are in control of how we let instances effect us.

It’s not the mean boss, it’s not the irate traffic, it’s not even that mugger who might have happened to steal your cell phone on that street you were reluctant to walk on but did anyway- it’s you.

You’re in control of how things effect you internally.

If you allow something to penetrate your psyche and infect it- like Malware viruses for example, it then has free reign to take over your inner workings and effect them how it will. When you don’t allow them power, or allow them to influence your mood negatively, you will always remain in control.

It’s just that simple. The reason, however that we find it so difficult on a daily basis is that we are well practiced in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, instead of powerful. When we practice having mind-states of power, and control- we can’t help to feel even that much better because then we’ll always remain in control.

So what does all this have to do with theme-park ride operating controls?

Theme rides are supposed to be fun, that’s why they are created- thusly your life is also supposed to be fun, this is why you were created, however if the operating controls of either of these two examples are not utilized to maintain proper stability and make sure things are happening as they should- very bad things could happen.

When you wake up for the day, you essentially boot-up yourself much as a roller-coaster is booted-up for the day. You take note of any issues, you might stretch- yawn, think about what your plans for the day are, whatever have-you all in much the same way that a roller-coaster operator checks a physical checklist in order to make sure all of the machine components are good to go for the day of operations.

How you feel about the day ahead of you greatly influences your ability to carry it out. When you feel negative- you don’t do as well, when you feel positive it may seem that even instances that should negatively hinder you, have little power to do so and overall, and that outcomes of events play out more in your favor.

The best way to go about setting yourself up for a great day is to mentally and consciously grip the operator control panel of your mental well-being, in other words- your emotions.

In order to know how to properly control your emotions, you have to of course know how to properly feel them. By this I mean that you need to be in tune with your inner-self, with who you are as a person.

We all know of things that either irritate us, enrage us, or make us glad to tears, however we often passively experiencing our emotions rather than being in total control of them.

It’s the difference between totally being brought to tears from frustration while stuck in grid-lock traffic on your morning drive to work, and that of being at a funeral of a close family member, and choosing to be strong for your parent’s or sibling’s behalf.

The point of being in total control of the control panel of your daily emotions is that once you are fully aware of your emotions and what triggers them, and I mean exactly what triggers them, you will then be in total control of how you chose to let them effect you.

Once you do know how to properly control your emotions, whether they be either negative or positive, that ability will grant you access to the control panel for your emotions- and it won’t simply look like an overwhelming collection of buttons, lights, knobs, and dip switches.

Once you obtain power over your feelings, you will effectively be able to wake up and flip-off the switches of what might cause you to feel negatively in say an hour, and flip on that which will cause you to feel joyous throughout the day no matter what happens. Because after all, it’s certain that none of us wake up to the day with the intentions of having it go negatively, and for us to be pissed off the entire day- but when you aren’t in control of yourself, the possibility of this is greater than if when you are.

So how do you make this possible? 


Become completely in tune with your emotions, and what leads to them. This could be that which makes you slightly irritated, to slightly happy- the more minute the better. Search the origins of those emotions, and really try to figure out what it is about your personality that makes you react in such a way when said events happen. After you figure these out, it will be easier for you to understand why they effect you so, and what you can do to better manage your emotions in those times.


Once you figure out what causes your emotional states you will be in the position to control how they effect you, this will lead your ambition to have a positive outlook on the day to become possible.

Once you decide that you want to have a day full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, simply make it so by flicking on that switch which lets that happiness flow. Strive and commit yourself to have a happy day above all else. Sure, this sounds really simple- quite possibly even unrealistic, but it’s all about how you chose to look at what is placed in front of you, and the options you have for dealing with those situations.  If you believe, you have total control over your ability to go through the day and simply feel the warm glow of happiness within you- you will. Adversely, when you don’t believe you are capable, then well. . . you won’t be able to accomplish anything more that having passive, weakened control over yourself.


Sure all of this sounds nice on this page, and once you try to understand it it may seem simple enough, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t commit yourself to the method.

You could read this, try it for a few days, feel great and then forget about it the following week and fall right back into your usual routine of not being in control of your happiness control panel, and simply letting outside effects control how you feel- that’s up to you. I’m not here to force anything down your throat, or show you the error of your ways because I am quite sure you know about them. I am simply stating here that there is a better way to go about achieving the results that you crave for yourself.

If you are really committed to stop the b.s. whiny-baby stuff, and become a operator of your own emotional management, then the only way to do that is to break yourself from the routine of negatively navigating through life, and instead swap it out for the routine of positively being in control of how you chose to navigate through it.

With that being said, the only way to truly accomplish that is to practice, practice, and practice, even when you feel too lazy to do so.

The only way for you to sow better results for yourself is to for example, wake up everyday and plant, nurture and harvest those seeds of positivity within the soil of your mind.

If you are lazy about your tending to it, then when you go to gather harvest, instead of fully ripe juicy fruits of positive outcomes, you will only see pieces of that which quite possibly fall only far and few between. It’s all about the type of future that you chose for yourself. If you want good things- you have to put in a little work.

Taking in all of this, and really choosing to internalize the method of thinking- you should have little difficulty making much more positively charged days for yourself, those which are full of warm joy and laughter. It’s all about the dedication, it’s about as easy as deciding who you allow to be in charge of your emotional well being.

Whether it’s your boss, or outside sources that pull the strings on your life, or yourself- it’s ultimately all up to you.

To find real joy, be the operator of your own happiness control panel.




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