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As people, we love to laze, and having time to laze- the act of working, not so much. None of us really like working.. at least not when it feels like work.

For that is really the only time you can actually call it work.

The definition of work is actually – an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. But, what is it we’re looking to achieve?

What is it that we actually achieve, by working in the old fashion way of, you know going to work- clocking in, clocking out flipping off the boss under shield of what can’t be seen by the human eye behind walls of brick as so you’re not fired. Driving through an hour of traffic, stressing out over insane drivers and the like, and all of those fun elements of the commute.

We work to achieve, results, but what results- exactly?

Working hard to simply earn bill, and rent money? Is that the extent of our work, and if so what is being achieved in that case, simply maintaining a place to come home in the evening and to get ready for work the next morning all over again?

What results does that way of life bring, the life of a work horse at the stable?

Unhappiness, sullenness, depression, stress anxiety- we often achieve those very well indeed. Those are the real results of our work.

We look to escape from that work, and those results of that work, and to do so- we often dip off into our own self-created mystical fairy tale lands, in which we are king and queens.

Our man-caves, or bubblesome bathing in designer bathrooms with exotic scrubs, and cleansers. The things real fantasies are made of.

We in fact wrap our minds so entirely in the stresses of work, they never escape the back of our minds, so it’s often true that whenever we can, it’s an obvious choice for us to look sugar coat those worries with fantasy.

Either they be physically-configured worlds, or indulging our minds in realms of pure fantasy.

We often spend our every free- and personal moments in those fantasies, because they soothe our minds-and bodies.

But, although great, the one things they don’t do is keep us from having to go back to work when the weekend is over. That’s when the fantasy bubble breaks, and the sky rains hell fire into your open mouth as you moan for forgiveness from the heavens above for not going to sleep on time the night before. And coupled with that, the tragic fact that your coffee has until now, had no effect. photo-1431538510849-b719825bf08b

What’s the reason your being tortured so?

The simple answer, you spend too much time in fantasy.

The world isn’t gumdrops, and rainbows- but they are nice to visit once in a while, until you wake up and realize that your still in the mental hospital, or in the realm of the creation of your own consequences.

Consequences meaning, those of where the choices that you’ve made in your life have taken you- whether it’s far from your native home, or only two hundred kilometers from it, working the same job you did when you were seventeen. These are consequences.

Whether you have chosen to spend crucial hours of your personal, and most valuable time in the world of fantasy, or in the world of viewing events as the way they are- your world will be shapen just the same.

You could imagine a beautifully realized, majestically colored and brilliantly radiant ocean sunset in a fantasy inside your mind all day long, but if your physical hand in the alive physical world only manages to move and draw a crude doodle of a circle with squiggly lines- then that crappy doodle is all you actually have.

That is unless your memory is that of being eidetic, but that’s unlikely.

Indeed, too much time in the fantasy, and not enough in the real world will make you a sad boy or girl. To chase only tiny insignificant moments of leisure, while enraptured in many of the hours of toil that make up the forty-plus hour work week, is a true example of misguided energy.

Think of our brains as producing voltage, as socket-or plugs are the conductors- without proper use, there is nothing that will be powered into existence as a result. Unconcentrated electricity is wild and bounding about, only worthwhile activity calms and circulates it properly, producing a live product.

Much like we can’t expect a pizza to arrive at our door step, when we never made the effort to grab the laptop or phone and order one- although such a thing would be a wonderful surprise, just wait and see how much of life you spend waiting for an event like that to happen.

It’s much easier to just buckle-down and order a pizza, than to imagine one.

It’s much easier to make a way to that beach sunset, on that sunset house in the sand than to imagine one, and have that bubble violently burst every Monday,

Isn’t it?

Damn straight, it is.

Just as when you were a kid, you knew that although you were very adept at turning cardboard boxes into spaceships in your mind, that when Mom called for dinner- it was just once again a cardboard box which you tossed justly, because you were aware it was a fantasy.

Most of us were smarter as kids than we are as adults. Found more hope in it all, rather than looking to find reasons for feeling hopeless.

Look here, if you want a fantasy, a real fantasy- make it come true in physical life, not just the imaginary.

Fairies were laid off indefinitely since, about the beginning of time- if you have never heard.

Grace will never fall out of the sky, so stop waiting for it, or using the excuse that you have to be close by the TV- or you will miss it once it finally does.

You know it’s a lie- you would’ve as a kid, so know it as an adult. What does that courageous little kid inside you say you should do? What are the dreams that you would tell him or her that were simply unrealistic kids dreams that unbeknownst to you might actually be obtainable?

How would you know if you spend all of your time in fantasy worlds, or creating them?

Dreams are dreams, reality is reality.

Time is better spent making your reality that of a dream, not vise-versa- that way the bubble can never be popped.

Makes a little more sense when you think about it.



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