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Here in the days of the internet, well here in the days where the old extremes are the new normal. In an ever evolving society where having red hair, and wearing bright yellow clothing with spikes protruding from every angle is considered Tuesday work attire.

It’s known fact that the envelope is in a constant state being pushed, considerably so much so that it’s probably more accurate to say that the post office is constantly being pushed than the envelope, if you get my meaning.

Back in the day, way before I came into existence, certain things were considered abnormal, taboo, distasteful, and simply things not to be done. Such as, for example: having an openly visible tattoo, or even something as moderate as a woman shaving most of her head, and donning a mo-hawk, which would be merely considered a fashion trend in these times- where considered acts not to be accepted. However, most of these ordinates of yester-years have drastically shifted, and gone way past where they first originated from.

Now here we are in the year 2015, the once rebellious-youth turned parents, have had children, given away childish-ways, and thusly passed those torches of their rebellious natures off to their kids in favor of living lives of boring solemness.

As a young adult today, having the past examples of rebellions at our disposals in-which to draw from, it’s obvious that we would only see it fit to have the need to push the envelope even that much further than which was once considered rebellious, and achieve an even higher level of it. Because, that’s the whole cause of rebellion. photo-1441123100240-f9f3f77ed41bPlus, to pile on to that fact- we now have to internet. A virtual space of self discovery where things only get stranger, and stranger every year.

The internet is a place where we all can be free, where all is excepted and none are rejected. A place where you can make a living, or a place where you can get into the spirit of giving.

That’s just the wonderful glory of the internet. It’s also the infrastructure which makes it possible for you to read this at this very moment. Aren’t you so very thankful. 

It’s also inherently true that with each new technical advancement, there will exist at least one person who’ll find some unique way in-which to pervert it, to corrupt its very core. Because, after all, we’re all perverted in some ways, even if we try to hide the fact, but why would we- for it’s really somewhat more excepted now than ever.

Look around you, look deeply, (but not too deeply, it can get a little scary if you do,) into each social media experience, does there exist one which has not been corrupted by human perversion in some way?

If you require assistance, well, one of the newer social media constructs: Instagram, is pretty much a world stadium, where normal booty-twerking strippers, or wanna-bes, have pretty much become the internet stars, and “model citizens” of the culture.

Yea, that half naked bimbo- who you would like to put shame upon- probably has at least a million followers in counting. Plus, she probably makes decent side-cash from endorsing some generic product like bubble-tea, or third-party work out supplements. What a world.

Not that I am knocking anyone’s side hustle, but do you need more proof than that?

This factor carries true with a lot of media systems, as what normally happens is- the more naked you are, the more followers you get.

Waist training of course in my @instacurve_ Trying to get into some trouble later … What’s Good ?

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It’s simply covered in the sticky sauce of perversion. Innuendo anyone?

This illustrated example is exactly what i’m getting at, it showcases that being naked, whether that is half-naked, boobs busting out of your too-small tank top, or completely naked with smiley emoji covering your “private parts,” is so excepted in these times that it fails to even raise an eyebrow anymore. This is not really an issue per-say, it’s merely just fact.

Now that’s not to say that people getting naked, and feeling free enough to do so wasn’t always a thing, but those were more of a smaller, certain group of people. And they probably didn’t make it a habit of taking pictures to plaster on the wall for the world to see, or engage in nudist-exhibitionisms whilst being out in public on a daily basis.

I’m sure people didn’t go out to brunch to get a plate of hash-browns, and warm french toast and simply witness a naked, or half-naked man, or woman walking down the street without so much as batting a eye.

Today, that shit is normal as hell.. the camel-toe pic a something like a right of passage these days…

It’s normal, so much so that we see celebs do it during red carpet appearances, at those very times where your favorite celebutante is rocking that skin-tight see-through gown showing off her every asset.

But yet TV networks don’t cut to a break, they don’t run a commercial, commentators simply gawk and judge it just as normally as would any other outfit. Why? Because we are some perverted ass people (we’re obsessed with asses,) and we have pushed the extremes to such high levels, that examples like this which might have caused riots in the 50’s, or 60’s maybe even the 70’s, don’t even faze us anymore.

There aren’t any extremes anymore, sure there’s the inhumane, the blasphemous, there’s cosmetic surgery, but extreme? Nah.

We are so accustomed to seeing people naked that when they aren’t, we’re clueless as to why they appear so dressed up, so conservatively. 

Of course there is a dividing line- there’s pornography, and then there’s self-expression, or artistic freedom. I myself am a big supporter of artistic self-expression, blatant porn-integrating itself into daily modern society, not so much.

I actually think the self-expression side of things is great, as it makes us more free as a people.

Hell, if an everyday-regular girl decides to be a Suicide Girl, or alternative nude model- good for her. As a good amount of young and aspiring artsy females of these times have chosen to do.

It’s actually quite surprising as to how many women, who are in no way interested in doing porn, decide to willingly pose nude on the internet, and that we as a society can view that not as being distasteful- slutlike behavior, but that of an act of self-righteous confidence.

That is the upside to all of this naked-nudiness, it evokes freedom, love and appreciation. I’m not here to knock it, but simply to draw attention to it, and praise it for the good things which can be related to it.

I’m not a female, but i’m sure it can be rather hard to feel proud in your own skin these days, and having an act of such boldness which allows you such self confidence, is probably one of the most empowering things that can be done. As can be attested in the interview I conducted here with a current SG model, and cosplayer.

In America, where you are constantly expected to be either perfect- or needing of plastic surgery in the eyes of high-society. It’s a great thing that being able to feel comfortable in your own skin, and have the ability to show that to the world is now considered to be a completely normal act of bravery and expression.

It’s awesome, and it just shows how far we have come, and how far we can continue to go.

Broken are we from the throws of the corporations, and social constructs that try to divide us. In fact- the internet is justly our independent freedom ground, were we can call our own shots. 

As I am concerned, being naked and proud can never be a bad thing.

Salute to the women out there, brave enough to bare it all and smile. 


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