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In this world as it is today, there are constantly topics and trending ideas that pop-up on web sites, and television that look to state a point of thinking with intentions of programming those points in the minds of the masses.

Evidence of this can be obvious, as you only need to look in order to recognize when such is being done.

It’s what you see all over media, it’s what you hear in songs, and what you read about being taught to your children in schools.

It’s the lies, the bullshit, and all of the weightless convoluted ideals that the big spenders are looking to pump your brain with in order to keep them closer to your money, and keep you far away from being able to do anything about it.

In the end, it’s all about money. It’s about who has it and is looking to keep it, and who doesn’t, and is seeking to obtain it. This world in front of your eyes is built around money.

Your ideals and beliefs are constantly challenged by the mainstream. There are armies that are being built consisting of those who look to push certain stand-points, looking to sway you towards their way of thinking and believing- to keep close to your money.

It’s a mess really, and everyone is effected in some way.

Some of us as people are free thinkers- we follow are own codes. Others only think when trying to remember where they last put their car-keys, allowing their “beliefs” to be programmed by ways of “popular thinking.” These are the same people who look to call those who think freely, and of their own accord, hash names when they don’t agree with their popular thinking methods that they themselves have been programmed into believing.

The same people that call you “childish,” and “old-fashioned.”

The funny thing is that these are a decent majority of the people you see around everyday in the normal world. Most rarely think, but rather get programmed on how to believe. Most people just aren’t looking to search for wisdom, freedom, or truth. They rather “buy it” as if it could be bought, simply because they lack the tenacity to work for anything.

They are lazy, dumb-witted, and gullible. This is the majority of those in front of your eyes.

The people you work with, your family, your so called friends, and lovers, just about all or most of them. They are the sheep herded by the confused culture of mainstream belief.

They don’t look to improve themselves, they don’t look to step out of the box, they only wish to do what they are told, and follow suit. Because of the way they have been lead to think- they also would expect you to do the same.

If you don’t, you’re a weirdo- or a bigot, or a hater.

This only because they don’t understand how to be anything more than what they’re programmed to be.

Sure, this might be a fine and dandy way for them to live their lives, with their shrunken, atrophied brain matter, but for those of us who look to break free from the matrix there is only one way to truly find success in life, whether it be financial, or simply within our inner beings.

That way is to only surround yourself with real people.

To avoid the infectious diseases the herds of sheep carry you have to stay away from the stable.

To succeed, it’s important to surround yourself with people looking to do the same. It becomes increasingly less-possible to find a positive road in life while being held back by negativity, and the infectious ways of weak-minded, and poor thinking zombies.

Stay off of the sites that promote weak ways of thinking, that like to trend topics of delusion, but look to stay far from the truth. They’re essentially greasy foods devoid of any nutrients, but for your brain. Don’t get full on bullshit.

The people you hang around define you, and make it easy for you to fall in habits of what it is that they do.

To use this factor as a positive, instead of the negative propagation of delusion that it can undoubtedly be- only hang out with people who look to succeed.

If you hang around those who seek truth in all matters they will revitalize, and recharge you. They’ll keep you fighting even while weak, simply by being able to borrow from the righteousness in the collective spirit within your circle of conquerors.

Who you choose to speak with, and let influence you can be the difference between being a crackhead- and a company head.

It’s all about your circle.

If you truly look to succeed in life, cut off the bad and keep the good. In purity, positivity shines free.


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