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I haven’t washed my face in a entire day. I haven’t showered in the same. What’s wrong with me, I’m usually so clean. This entire event has thrown me around in the blender, I can’t even remember yesterday, what happened yesterday?

I need to get up, I have things to do today, but I don’t want to do a thing. Why is it always like this on my day off? I’m tired, why can’t life wait? Why does a DMV bill come with every birthday?

Thanks, Cassandra finally texts back, could’ve use it the other day when my car overheated on the side of the road. Darn, the beginning of this crappy new day.



I took a cold shower, well, not ice-cold but cold enough to turn the nipples into spiked diamonds, they feel funny. I feel funny, but not ha-ha funny but like I drank one too many one-and a-half beer last night. Crap I’m turning light, actually.



I pull out of my driveway, off to the DMV, the rain irritates. . . I slap on the windshield wiper my joy is immense at this moment, I should’ve stayed home.

Me, drive around with suspended tags just because of pure laziness? Sure why not.

Life is a punch in the face, my car sputters when I step down on the acceleration pedal. Traffic is starting to pick up, I see.

Oh crap, picking up my foot I tap on the brake. It’s all the way down the road. Jeez, it’s only 3:36 what now?

Gridlock. This day is going to be longer than I expected, and I’m boxed-in also the DMV closes at 7, jeez. Cars cutting in left and right, this is a mess, and the clouds look like they’re about to bust.

Yep. There they go, great and only seven hundred kilometers from my exit, too bad in this traffic such a distance will take about seventy minutes.

I honk my horn, hard. Some a-hole pierces in the lane right in front of me, not a new car but my only car, if you hurt it I hurt you.



Shake it off, this could still be a decent day, the rain is constant but light, I don’t need to let it get me down.

Why am I like this when I wake up? Do I need coffee? No, I got coffee. Do I need sex? Sure, and a million dollars carried by a stork and dropped on my doorstep too. No, I just need to stop letting the downs get the best of me.

Look at that, the curve of the exit is in front of me, better slow down.



Whoa! Wait? Did that really just happen?

Crap, what do I do? Should I stop, what if someone hits me? Great, just as I was feeling optimistic.

There is a car on the side of the bank, that wasn’t there just two seconds ago. Oh. My. Gosh.

Slow down, it’s the right thing, put your blinkers on, yeah, that’s what people do in this situation right? Traffic’s not bad this way, looks decently safe.

“Hey, um, are you alright?” No, response. Maybe I’m too far away.

“Excuse me?” My voice is cracking, why am I nervous, this is just real life that’s all, nothing serious. Why aren’t they getting out of the car? I wonder if they can hear me, maybe they aren’t doing so good.



Crap. Windows tinted, nice car, too bad it’s all dirty now. Muds picked up here, the rain, my shoes, oh well.

Knock on the window, sure. The car’s still running, feeling a bit weird now. Knock on the window again, c’mon don’t make me feel weird here, maybe they’re waiting for insurance and they think I’m some opportunist.

Scud. What am I doing?

Wait, the window’s rolling down.



“Hello?” The voice is shaky, and crackling over the sound of the engine hum and the power window.

“Yeah?” I respond. “Are you alright? What happened, do you need medical assistance?” I sound just like a professional person.

There’s an awkward pause, this person has got to be out of it.  

“I’m calling 911 okay, don’t worry. . . Uh?. . .”



A car rolls ride by me, slower than what I expect it should be. I track it with my eyes as it undoubtedly slows, and slows until just like this one it rolls straight off the turn into the field.

“Okay? Now what is going on?” I start to shake, I feel queasy while I hold my finger pressed on nine of my phone inside my sweaty palm.

I glance at the time, slowly, it’s been forty-five minutes already, I’d never make it to the DMV in time.

“Shoot.” I say absent mindedly, limp frustration, although my concerns have grown way past plate renewal.



Like thirteen seconds later, there’s another one. Another car, am I going crazy? Am I dreaming? What the heck is going on here, is there a gas outbreak in the area?

Oh heck, am I safe?


Photo: Linda Xu

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