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The game is called Karate Master 2: Knock Down Blow. It’s a fighting game with a style much reminiscent to that of classic games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System era. This fighting game, is much more than just a typical button masher, in fact the title “fighting game” doesn’t even do it justice. Karate Master 2, the sequel to Karate Master: Knock Down Blow is an all Karate simulation, rich with real Karate terms and training practices. Don’t let the simple 2D graphics fool you, this is a simulation worthy to knock even the top 3D game franchises from their spots. Utilizing unique and fully responsive animation, it full immerses you body and soul into the mind, and realities of a real Karate student. Including game elements such as, real training mini game sessions, full contact tournaments, true-to-life in match injury status effects, and even wildly facing you against that of an actual bull opponent! The list can go on , but I rather not spoil it here. It’s best to see this game and all of it’s amazing features for yourself!

Here are some pictures of the game:





Now I was recently able to contact the creator over at Crian Soft Christian Fanucci, and here’s what he had to say about the game and the company:

Firstly, can you tell us a little about your company, Crian Soft, how long you’ve been around, and the types of games you focus on creating?:

Hello, I Christian Fanucci the game developer of Crian Soft, that is pratically composed by me and from my beatiful wife Catherine. When I opened the company, in 2009, I started developing professional software for fitness and gyms. After two years I wondered why not try to develop also games, and so the adventure began .

So Obviously we’re here to learn more about your game series, Karate Master: Knock Down Blow, may I ask what inspired you guys to create this series?:

At thirteen I began the practice of Karate and I never give up until I reach the third dan… actually I’m also a Jeet Kune Do instructor, and a Wing Chun student!

Oh, Very cool! Karate Master looks, and seems to play amazingly, the game is really unique and inventive. Also very detailed in the training practices, and the true art of Karate. Can you explain the amount of research, and your creative process while making this game?:

I always love watching martial arts movies and read fighting comics. There was a movie that inspires me a lot, which is Bloodsport with Vandamme and another one that is Best of the Best.

What made you guys chose to make Karate Master an all out Karate simulation, instead of just another arcade fighter?:

In martial arts games usually we just beat, and no one has ever represented all the effort and hard work, injuries, lack of money, in short, all that is behind the ring of the fighter. So for me it was important to represent it. Also today it is common to think that it’s more fun an exaggerated representation of reality, but I think that staying closer to reality allows the player to identify themselves more with the character, and therefore to have more fun.

So, I have to ask. Did you guys have any in-house game tournaments between producers, and programmers in the studio during the creation of Karate Master?:

Yes, we often have bloody tournament 🙂

OK. Besides the Karate Master: Knockdown blow series, are there any other games you’re known for?:

Surely the game more known that we have realised is Age of Barbarian, which is a game of sword and sorcery. And we have also a Mech game that is currently in Steam greenlight, B.A.D Battle Armor Division.

Awesome. Alright, other than creating fun and innovative video games, what other types of software does your company produce?:

We develop software for acupuncturists, sports and holistic medicine. Our software best known is Acupuncture soft pro.

That would seem to be about it, please keep up the good work! Is there anything else that you would like to let the readers know about Crian Soft?:

Yes, please I want to ask to support us in our next project, which will be a indiegogo campaign for our next fantasy game Age of Barbarian 2, that will be beyond your imagination 😉 – Age Of Barbarian 2

Links to Crian Soft’s Sites:

CrianSoft’s Company Site
Like Crian Soft on FaceBook!
Contact Crian Soft

I’m sure by now that you’re a immediate fan of Karate Master 2. If you would like to pick up this game head over to Crian Soft’s site to purchase the game!

For those who need just a little extra, here’s the trailer:

Thanks Christian, and Crian Soft keep up the good work!

images via criansoft site, twobestfriendsplay youtube

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