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[Enter young Ellona Orta. She a struggling photographer in her mid-twenties who’s had the typical share of ups and downs in life. The last to pop of three kids, and with the least on her resume of life accomplishments, she happens upon a life changing encounter which sends her on the voyage of a lifetime.
Strong ambition takes her from the irritation of riding on dusty broken-down buses, to the intense fear of coming inches from life and death in the eye of a cataclysmic storm that’s been brewing for decades.
With the weight of her good name, and reputation and sullying the trust of her brand new employer on her back she does her best not to crumble under the pressure, even when ugly history rears back into her life.
Will she defeat the wind, storm clouds and thundering trouble before her, or will she simply be set back home empty handed to bear the shame of simply another failed attempt at glory? Will she have the strength to pick it back up again if that’s the case?]

Ellona Nuclear: One  The fist entry in the series is available now to read!

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