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Medical dramas, some of the most popular shows on TV, with some of the most popular of note being the classic show E.R., Scrubs, and the much more recent Grey’s Anatomy. They’re no-doubt a popular interest of television shows, but why do we find them so entertaining? Here might be some general reasons we might find them so exhilarating:


The characters

It’s obvious that with every television show there exists a certain component which allows them their popularity. Just as true as with other shows, medical dramas can most easily be enjoyed for the reliability of their main characters. It’s those little pieces of us we see in these big-wig medical practitioners; the way they shine even as while performing complex levels of human heroics that makes shows of the type interesting. They have their fair share of hardships in one of the most stressful jobs, coupled with the personal issues of being a human being, and still keep kicking-on just like us. Med dramas do a good job of reminding us that we’re not alone in our own personal struggles, they show us that if they can do it, so can we.

Doctors do amazing things

The admiration we have for those who are so well studied and skillful in their areas of expertise is one that’s truly deserving of respect. It simply adds to the quality level of a series’ particular interest. As for most of the human population, we don’t often involve ourselves in situations so taxing and challenging as living the life as a human preserver, so it’s only natural for us to be astounded by those who do. The amount of problem solving we observe these fictional representations of these real life professions gives us small entertaining taste of the lives they lead on a daily basis. They’re medical gladiators, focused with the intent of saving as many lives as technically possible and that’s the best part.

The drama itself

It goes without mention that the drama, of a medical drama would obviously be one of the most exciting qualities about it. While many TV shows, and movies are about the killing, scuffles and the amount that can be racked up in a single sitting- medical dramas are about about the complete opposite, they’re about saving people.

One of the largest appeals of medical shows is their ability to make you care so much about a completely fictional stranger, that you cheer at the edge of your seat that the on screen Doctors will help them pull through and be okay again. Our heart strings are pulled as we watch some live, and are tugged even harder as we witness those who aren’t so lucky. It reminds of our own mortality which we all share as humans. These dramatic events, whether positive, or negative, are reflected back on the main characters in the most interesting ways. It’s those emotions that we’re truly drawn to viewing. What keeps us tuning in, is the witnessing of how these types of events effect their abilities to perform their careers day after day, and that they’re capable of continuing to fight the good fight even when faced with such overwhelming adversity.

The joyful times

Even dramas as rich as those which take place inside hospitals aren’t all about the bad times. What also makes them worth watching is their ability to make us feel good as we watch them. We learn to relate to the characters as people, as we watch them transform from scared interns, to capable doctors and nurses. In viewing this, it gives us our own forms of self-motivations as well. We feel their sadness when they fail, but more importantly we’re elated when we witness their successes. They make us feel warm inside because after-all, they’ve become our personal friends in a sense. When they succeed it’s like we succeed just the same.

The sex

Of course when we’re talking mainstream dramas, one of the most talked-about elements is the individual attractions, and passionate interactions of the key-characters. It’s undeniable that a good amount of the monotonousness is broken when witnessing the tangled webs of love, and lust between main characters, and even those involving side-characters. These types of things just make for good TV no-doubt.

As people in general often like to think of ourselves as being better than others in a way that allows us to judge them. So it’s blatantly obvious there’s a certain amount of pleasure to be shared in the level of finger-pointing involved with judging cross-character promiscuity. It’s that saucy something we can all chat about inside of the comment boxes of the online forums after the show. Because as we all know, gossip is at the heart of juicy publicity.

With all of these reasons in mind, it’s easy to say that when we are looking for a good cry, followed by stress relieving chuckles of joy, it’s medical shows that’ll do the trick nine times out of ten. It’s the small amount of relatability, matched with that overall premise of fascination that makes them truly click in a fantastic way.

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