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Ever think as to  why as a player, or even as a simple spectator, that 2D fighters are generally more fun than their 3D plane brethren? Is it the graphics? Is it the fan base? Is it the individual communities? Here might be some reasons 2D fighters could be considered more fun overall:

They’re flashier, more exciting to watch

fightersfun2One of the main reasons why 2D fighters would outshine 3D fighters is that they are just more impressive visually. On average, the more popular fighters have very flashy moves i.e. supers, combos, links, animations etc- these are elements that are not as easily achievable by 3D fighters. To the average player, performing such stunts can be particularly difficult, so when viewing a competitive match between two skilled players performing combos, utilizing hair-trigger reflexes that push the boundaries of the mechanics, it makes for some thrilling viewing material. It’s all the more reason to try them yourselves even.

They have more of a cult following, they’re more hardcore


It’s obvious that when it comes to television advertisements, shelving in games stores, and the front areas of arcades you’ll typically see more of the bigger names of the fighters. Including franchises such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, even Street Fighter. These games are typically catered to more of a mainstream audience, whereas the typical Japanese based 2D fighters are catered more to the people who extensively follow those particular games and franchises. They are also more closely related to the Anime genre which is driven by its own cult fan-base. It’s easy to point out that 2D fighters easily fall within the same bracket, giving them an intense sense of community.

The impressive art styles

fightersfun4As previously said, as far the 2D fighting genre goes, they are basically mostly if not completely Japanese based. Their appeal is that they also draw almost entirely from the Anime style, which influences the art direction- the move sets, the character types and all of the above. What results is a generally more interesting, and creatively looking game. Characters are what drives fighters fan base, and it’s obvious that hand drawn animation allows for much more flexibility than that of full scale 3D models. This factor can, and does, allow for some truly awesome, as well as wacky character types and personalities.

They’re generally easier to play

fightersfun5While it should be well known that everyone isn’t a hardcore gamer, meaning not everyone has the easiest transition to fighting games. It could be assumed that when it comes to being able to pick-up and play a fighter, 2D is most likely the easier go. With the way games are being created, it’s apparent that even if you don’t know the intense link combos, mix-ups, and overall advanced mechanical elements its still possible for you to still have fun playing them. An amateur player is able to mash buttons, and have no concept or idea to exactly what they’re doing, and still be able to look good while doing it. Apart from the big league type of 20-hit combos, and resets, it’s still very possible to pull off simple impressive looking combos completely by accident and at the very least still impress your friends.

You feel cool when you’re playing them

fightersfun6It’s obvious that most 2D fighting game franchises aren’t as well known as their 3D counterparts. With that in mind, for example- if you regularly play a franchise fighter that most haven’t even heard of in the general span of society, it makes you feel like you’re “in the know.” It means that you know about something that others don’t, it makes you feel as if you have this secret knowledge of your own treasure, that you’re a member of an exclusive club. It makes you a rebel, and not just a follower of mainstream culture. As it is, if you know about an amazing franchise that your friends don’t, it also means you have 1-up on them, and that’s always worth noting.

While these are some of the more general reasons why 2D fighting genre can be considered better, you might have some opinions that defer. What do you think, are 2D fighters better or more or less the same?

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