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In the world of mainstream music, it is often the case for the radio to be filled with artists whose sounds are relatively the same to that of other artists on the radio. It’s no rarity to often hear the exact same song content, redone repeatedly by various popular artists. It’s often the same for the artist’s styles as well, within the market of music you’ll often find plenty “cookie-cutter”, “start-up-kit”, “booty-shake-jam-101” artists, that pop up out of the blue, who are praised with much undeserved attention. Sure, it’s not entirely the artists fault, they’re just trying to sing what sells, and I can’t blame them. There do happen to be many people out there who actively look to buy only what sells as well. This “overdone” factor goes especially for those artists who have the close and observant eye of their signing labels watching them constantly, this is a known fact. However, as humans, we enjoy variety, and hearing the same music continuously can indeed make you want to take the nearest object and smash it into your radio, or computer. For Hopefully at least, you carry enough restraint not to. mitsue3

For those of us looking to find a little different sound of music, the search can be a little daunting if you don’t know where to look, or perhaps have the right people to ask. It’s actually common however, for some of the best music to be found not on your huge conglomerate website, but on the small indie music pages of the web. It’s apparent, that some of the best artists are those working hard on the underground scene grinding to obtain their day in that main spotlight.  

Today I wanted to shine a light here on a lesser known artist, a very saucy, and vivacious female artist who goes by the name “Mitsue”. 


I’ve known a little about Mitsue from Instagram, but never really looked into her unique sound. From first glance you can tell however, that she isn’t a traditional pop/r&b singer, she’s a little more eccentric. A tad bit more on the side of pushing that envelope between high fashion, and creating a style all of her own. With an attitude, and look even more “Diva” than even that of Beyonce or “Sash Fierce” even. She’s a little less Taylor Swift, and a little more red light district to put it simply. Which is actually a wonderfully, awfully devilish thing of satisfaction.

Mitsue’s sound is no less than spot on of that to go along with all of that fierce attitude. She can put that high heal strut right were her mouth is, or even possibly yours for that matter. It’s a style that I can’t really say that I’ve heard before. I can only explain it as fitting perfectly as the deep-base-punching background music, for a club packed-to-the-brim by that of many austere vogue-dancing individuals, displaying merciless disregard for any who might dare deny their spirit of the night. You can feel the vibrant soul, as well as the hot and steamy passion of that which is ‘Mitsue Music’ in every song. It’s very well both intriguing, as well as intoxicating. It has a raw, and gritty remanence about it you can’t deny, that offers no apologies, and takes all prisoners.

If you’re a fan of unique music sounds that succeed in the blending of various keynotes found in the best music genres, then spitting them out into eargasmic ensembles that tickle the very innards of your ear-holes, then check out Mitsue

. . .And then Vogue.



Mitsue’s Sex Sells Album Available On itunes

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