Tiiger Sphere Saga (Act 1) : A Dragon Ball Z Inspired Original Fiction Tale13 min read


This is a work of a lifelong lover, a person who grew up watching and being inspired by Dragon Ball Z. The show infused into my interests, my ambitions for being strong and tough, and facing against all odds. Well, I’m an adult now, so here’s a brand new story directly inspired by one of the greatest shows of all time, in prose form and in my own style. 

Act 01

“Sake, stand boy, you’re the last of us, the gene bloodline ends with you. If you don’t fight for us, carry on our honor, how will we show the ones who called us nothing? The ones who destroyed our home? If you don’t grow against the face of those taunting our race, where will our pride be? Sake, stand boy, stand now!”

The short but stocky boy awoke in sweat on the middle of the ground, his head leaning towards a small pond, his long black hair full of vegetation from the sprouts along the area.

“Jeez. Another one of those dreams I keep having but don’t know what they mean. Maybe I trained too hard today.” He said to himself, raising up and brushing the moss out of his unkempt hair.

“Grandma, she’s going to kill me. I should have checked in with her yesterday, I know, darn.” He began to take his first step when he was suddenly surprised by a sky drone which headed straight for him.

“Sake! Where have you been boy? You’re supposed to check in every night, and here you are looking a mess.” The image projection of his grandma’s face berated him from the flying mechanism. He scratched at his head on reflex, her tone was one he was far too familiar with.

“G’ma, Look, I’m sorry. You know, I just got carried away and-” A disk suddenly hit him square in the chest, surprised, a burst of air erupted from his mouth. He looked up, a small bit of saliva on his lip and knew immediately from who the sneak attack was from.

“Look who it is, we finally found you little rascal boy, don’t think you can get away from us even all the way out here.”

He clenched his fists and  crouched down, lowering his center of gravity. They were the four, he figured them a group of thugs but rather a nuisance, only their leader was strong, but not as strong as he. “Sorry, G’ma gotta rush, I’ll be back home shortly okay?”

He didn’t wait for a response, but instead he launched himself from the area catapulting himself right over the group of ill-willed miscreants. They sneered at him, as they watched him hop overhead, they were quick to follow.

“Look, he’s always running, what a coward.” The one to the left following after him shouted out to the others behind. They picked up rocks and sticks to throw at him, but with every attempt they missed. He remained just out of reach for them, and far enough ahead that they couldn’t hope to catch up.

“Heyy!” He called out, and in the next second a large rounded disk appeared and he promptly hopped on. Within the next second he was gone from them high in the depths of the clouds. The group slowed to a halt, and with sighs and panting admitted their defeat.

“Darn-it. One day, Sake, I’ll catch you and make you pay. Count on it freak.”


The small cottage of his grandma was peaceful as the babble from the stream nearby and the peaceful chirp of the birds above were the only sounds as Sake stepped with a running start from his flying disk. He panted in expectation to reach the door.

It wasn’t mere seconds before the tip of his fingers where about to grasp the knob that he missed it and the door seemingly opened totally on its own.

“So there you are boy. You are going to be chopping much wood for this, how many times do I have to enforce the curfew for you to finally get it Sake?” Her voice was boisterous, which seemed like a weight on his head as he looked down to the ground below.

“I’m sorry, G’ma. I really am, I won’t do it again.” He said a hopeful look in his eyes as he looked up at her.  She looked at him with narrowed eyes, in a stalled glare.

“Yeah, yeah. You always say that, and yet it happens still. Here, hurry up and get cleaned lunch is almost ready.”

He stepped out of his dirtied boots and they clang as the weight of them hit against the floor, he continued barefoot through the kitchen and to the bathroom to wash his hands. Once he returned, his grandma was already readying a bowl for him, and had her pot in hand full of steaming stew.

“Mmmm. Really smells good G’ma. I can’t wait to have your famous blue horn stew.” He said with a smile taking a seat bowl in front of him.

“Famous to whom boy? Tequila and the other two are the only other typical eaters of it, and they’re only here occasionally. Stop trying to butter me up little one.” She said in a stern tone, but he was no longer listening and was fully engaged in shoveling spoon fulls of the meaty broth into his mouth. She didn’t even bother to be alarmed by his behavior, but rather sat down at the table directly across from him and poured a portion for herself.

In seemingly perfect timing as Sake was finishing his first bowl, the communicator on the table started to ring which happened to startle G’ma a little.

“Hi, Sake here.”

“Sake, Sake? is that you? Look I have some troubling information, my radar picked up some mysterious blips on the map and if the coordinates are correct they seem to be heading straight for G’ma’s cottage. You need to prepare G’ma for safety Sake, I don’t know what it could be that’s heading there.”

“Tequila? Is that you? What do you mean, there hasn’t been anything here. I just got home and, we both were just-”

Before he couldn’t finish his words a loud crash imploded onto them. Dust and rubble filled the inside of the kitchen as pieces of the caved in ceiling flew all around them. Sake was just able to grab G’ma to safety before a large block of rubble came crashing down slamming to the floor below.

“What in the world?” Sake said with a cough, his arms around G’ma.

Amidst the dust, three figures appeared which climbed down straight from the implosion of rubble to the floor before them. The tallest amongst them, a strangely dressed and frizzly-haired purple skinned man spoke first. He wore a grin, and walked proudly before them.

“Well, well, well. Here is the little snot. We’ve come a long way to get you. I’m going to have to ask you to come with us little tiiger. If you please. If not, I might have to get a little rough with the lady there.” The tall, wide shouldered man said with a sneer.

Sake transferred G’ma behind him and instantly bared teeth and clenched fists, the gravel around him started to rumble and clack on the floor’s surface. “What? I’m not going anywhere with you bad space-suit wearing weirdos. Just get out of here, now.” G’ma glared at him, nervous as she felt the warmth of his anger dissipating from him.

“Be careful Sake.” She said.

The tall one still sneering nodded to the one to his left, a smaller but equally muscular with an amphibious look and fin protruding from his head. His black eyes shone eerily, as he cracked his knuckles and snickered.

In the blink of an eye, he burst forward with a flash of speed. Before Sake had even registered movement, he was already hunched over and wincing, his mouth dripping with saliva from the blow to his stomach. He barely managed to cry out in an belt of pain.

“Sake!” G’ma cried. But Sake dropped to his knees, and hunched to the ground. The three stalked forward, and one of them encased Sake in a net of laser and threw his curled body behind his back.

G’ma could only stare in horror, as she leaned on all fours with tears streaming from her eyes as the three walked out the door.

The tallest turned back with a grin, “Don’t worry, G’ma we’ll take good care of him where we’re going.” He said with a laugh just before exiting up and out of the rubble.

G’ma shuffled through the rubble tossing, and throwing pieces of the roof around till she caught her hands on the communicator and redialed.


“G’ma? What happened?”

“Sake, they took Sake, three of them. They came and destroyed the house and took him, I don’t know what to do, help him Tequila.”

“Okay, I’m on my way just stay put, don’t worry. I’m almost there.”

She lie back against a flat pieces of debris, and sat for a moment as tears fell from her eyes. She trembled as she took in the sight of what was left of their home before her, the clouds and trees visible right above it all.

Minutes later, a sound caught her attention, the sound of hydraulic pressure and an engine powering down. She pulled herself up as fast as she could and directed herself towards it.

“G’ma? Where are you?” The female figure called out as she came in and routed as best she could past the mess before her. Two more figures followed her shortly after, a muscular man with a shaved head and long auburn beard and a teenage boy with long wild black hair and hazel catlike eyes. Immediately she ran to them, grabbed onto Tequila and embraced her.

“Rum, Nigori, I’m so happy to see you here. They took Sake, some strangely dressed men, they hit him and then bagged him up like some animal and then just left, laughing”

“What?” Nigori said with a furrowed brow,and a clenched fists.

“Who were these men?” Rum added, equally as enraged.

“They didn’t tell me, they just came and left with Sake. They spoke as if they already knew something about him.” She said, staunching her tears with a white tissue.

“Well, it doesn’t matter who they were G’ma. Don’t worry we’ll do everything we can to find him and bring him back safe, count on it.”


Sake woke to the pounding cadence of a thumping headache, he grunted as his eyes took in the bright white light which shone right into his face. He attempted to grasp his forehead, but when he couldn’t he quickly noticed that his entire body was bound in a web of light. His voice was nothing but an indiscernible croak when he tried to speak, although he saw no one to direct words to.

“Vitals stable, you’re alive and well young one. Well, good as to be expected. Finding you is going to prove to be very useful for us, boy.”

“He has one of them.” Another voice out of the light said.

“He does.” Another said.

“What. . . what do you. . . want from me?” Sake finally managed to say his throat pained and dry. The light cut off suddenly and everything went black for a moment before his eyes adjusted to the blurry figure directly before him. He was suspended upright on a wall and was eye to eye with the man.

“He doesn’t even know. What a pity, fellas. Well, no matter, you needn’t really know. It’s really of little significance to you after all.” He could see the grin on his face after he spoke, the purple silhouette with a white crescent.

“What did you do to G’ma? Why did you destroy our house?” He said and rushed forward towards them and clenched all of his body to try to break free from his binds.

“We did nothing. Don’t worry little vessel, the entire world here will feel your fate here soon enough. Lev! Get out friend here ready for extraction.” He said with a tight clap, and trailed off. The other imposing man stepped before him his teeth bared as he rubbed his hands together with excitement.

“You’re going to love this part friend, oh yes, you woke up just in time.”


“Tequila, any guess who these guys are who took Sake?” Nigori asked from his meditative stance, his eyes still closed, Tequila in the pilot seat ahead.

“I’m really not sure. But, luckily ever since they appeared here as the blip on my radar I have been able to keep tabs on their location, but only somewhat, it seems to keep on blinking in and out now.”

“Well, flying around in a circle isn’t going to help us, we need to find out exactly where they are, at least before it disappears for good this time.” Rum, added as he stood right beside her.

“I know that. It’s just their ship isn’t anything of the norm here, the radar is having a hard time, and who knows what type of cloaking they might be utilizing.”

“This, this is bad. Real bad.” Nigori sprung alert and took his fist to the wall beside him.

“Don’t beat up the ship, if you destroy this we’ll have even less chance to find him.” Tequila said with a sigh.

There was a sudden thump on the ceiling, all three stopped suddenly and wide eyed rushed and turned their attention to the sound. A moment later, a figure’s feet became visible as they descended from above, and then an entire body. The group all three let out relieved sighs.

There was a short stature wolf faced man standing before them, his face full of thick white fur, round black glasses over his eyes, and draped in a long grey and white gown strapped with a sash at the waist.

“Rice, it’s you.” Tequila spoke first.

The calm figured cleared his throat first before speaking, “It seems you lost Sake, the persons who took him seemed to have a very specific interest in him if they’ve come this far just to capture him.”

“Yes. But why? And who are these scum?” Nigori blurted his body ridged, his fists clenched and trembling.

“Calm yourself Nigori, remember your training. In order to get Sake back, we are going to need to be smart about it. These invaders who found him are unknown to me, but I know a little of their equipment. If my presumptions are correct, they most likely have some pretty unique power sources as well at their disposal.”

“Power sources?” Rum said, interjecting.

“The way they came specifically for him, they could only be after one thing, something very rare which only few select possess in this galaxy to be exact.” The three looked at each other all with downward faces, and extended brows.

“Wait, what do you mean Rice?” Tequila asked, her voice slightly shaky.

“Tequila, change courses in direction for the Shallow Island Peak, we’re going to need Scotch’s assistance for this. We’re going to need all the force we have.” Rice said.

“Scotch?” The three all said at once, their voices high pitched all standing in cringed positions.

“No, not him, why would we on Earth need his help?” Rum asked shaking his head looking downward.

“Yes, please Rice, there has to be another way besides that?” Nigori pleaded.

“No. We need all four of ourselves, and him as well. All preparation is needed now.”

The three were silent as the realization sunk in. Tequila, and Rum fell with moans onto their bums.

“Resolve all of your disputes, and concentrate all of your attention now, we are going to retrieve a Sphere-Cube, we must do all we can to not let it fall into these unknown figure’s hands.”



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