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The only way to describe this artist, is that she possesses an artistic talent that could only have descended down from the heavens above, her talent placed upon by the angels themselves, and also a lot of hard work of course. . .  

Her name is Phoebe Campbell- She’s American, she’s nineteen, yes nineteenand she has within her the ability to use colors in ways to describe intricate details and completion elements in ways seldom seen by the eyes of average men, or women, or horses for that matter. Her work, even early on in her life,  rivals some of the greats IMO, and at only nineteen the sky is the only limit for this young master of the pad.

Pieces created by her hands can only be explained as simply some of the most unique, tear-evoking –although you pretend it’s just something in your eye so that no-one makes fun of youwork everThe implications of the future greatness of this artist are truly godlike, and they’re something you have only to see in order to believe.

But enough with the cliche descriptions, and flattery (although they are most deserved.) Just take a look at some of her work for yourself:













Just downright amazing. . . If you would like to learn more about, or support her work check out some of her sites below, including her personal Patreon account.

Phoebe’s DeviantArt –

Phoebe’s Patreon (directly support artists through  donations ) –

Phoebe’s Livestream –

Phoebe’s Tumblr –




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