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Some of us aren’t lucky to be moring people, we hold no taste for the earlier hours of the day, and at times we would rather throw large objects than be forced to do anything else. If so, you will probably agree that you require some time before you’re able to put in that move of true effort on those days where you have a good amount to do.

You could call this “Coffee Time”

As if you are the same as most people, it takes you a little before you’re actually ready to encourage yourself to take to the day full speed.

To use this time effectively, instead of farting about, an easy remedy would be to fill that moment with partaking in drinking a hot cup of coffee, or tea, to get your day going.

If you think about it, in the time that you take to sling a bathrobe on, dump some grounds into a basket, toss it into the machine and brew (which is probably around three minutes average) then add the time it takes to actually drink said coffee and let that sweet caffeine hit your brain molecules, which could’ve been a waste of twenty minutes, instead would be well in line to simply use the excuse of it being your “coffee time.”

What makes this excusable? Well, because instead of it simply being idle passing time, it was instead planned, and plotted time used for a proper reason.

Make sense?

None of us really like wasting time, and often we feel guilty if we aren’t productively using it. The use of this idea allows for any of this “unproductive” time to be perfectly legitimate from this point of view. In a way, its like moving meditation.

In essence you don’t have to feel like a bum, and chastise yourself for being lazy, when you’re simply taking a half-hour to wake up. This is normal, as not all people are morning people, so it’s just the nature of who we are.

After you’ve enjoyed your coffee-time, and thrown off the bathrobe, did a couple stretches and felt that jolt of caffeine alert your senses, you can then get on with the day with intent.

If have notes, or a to-do list, you can get on to checking things off that list. If you simply are hopping in the shower and seeing where that will take you- then you can get on with that.

All the while you know that you at least started the day with a mindset for productivity, and not laziness.

We all know that when started, the spirit of laziness kills the spirit of accomplishment and leads to complacency, which leads to a waste of the entire day.

So if you are the kind of person whose productivity sucks in the morning, and you know it, this tip will be your mind-boost which will at least lead you to think  in the right frame of mind.

Once you start on positively planning out your tasks and plotting your time instead of wishing for success, and doing nothing to obtain it, you’ll change the level of tasks you’re able to complete throughout your day.

It’s as simple as a slight mind tweak. Thoughts are the first spark of action of the day, and the body follows just behind those thoughts. So, it’s important to know just how important your mind-set really is.

If you’re a sloppy person that hates mornings and as a result fumbles about the day, make some notes for the following day and see to doing them in an organized and energy conscientious way.

If you’re a person who has the tendency to wake up, and plop-down and click on the tube, the use of a strategy such as “coffee time” can be helpful when followed with later equally productively minded activities.

The morning can be where dreams from yesterday turn into blocks of non-productivity, if you make it that way. But when you set out in the morning with the decision on productively using your time- wonders will effortlessly flow into the spectrum of events. If it doesn’t, then it might be because you’re expecting, but not doing.

Your mind matters, and keeping it well in-line, and focusing its thoughts on productivity will always yield the results you intend.

So remember to plot your time with purpose, and not cluelessness and you’ll soon see results.

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