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Some of you probably know who he is, some of you might have seen some of his work from his studios possibly without even knowing it, some of you might even actively follow his work. Without a doubt his works are truly some of the most beautifully unique, and masterfully created in the digital form of art. The main in question is none-other than professional digital artist, and co-founder or Imaginary friends Studios Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Stanley Lau, or Artgerm as he is more widely known as, is of Chinese nationality, born in Hong Kong. He is widely known around the internet for his amazing digital illustrations, the likes of which can be found at his online gallery Artgerm at 

 His style blends that of vibrant and exquisite use of color, with that of an anime, or comic influenced style, with a hint of realism. His style is one of which that is very unique, and recognizable. If any of his works here seem somehow familiar, there is a high chance that you have indeed seen his work somewhere before, without your knowledge. It goes without saying that, do in-part to the fact that he also is the co-founder to Imaginary Friends Studios, that if you are in to comics, or fan service manga, or 2D game art, it’s highly possible that you have witnessed the products of his workings. His digital art studio, aptly named Imaginary Friends Studio, is world acclaimed, and produces works for big names in entertainment industry such as the likes of Capcom, DC, and Marvel comics. 
 Stanley is also very active in the art community, and has attended various international educational institutions, as well as conferences. He has also been featured in various international art publications as well, such as 2D artist, and art annuals such as Spectrum, as well as a slew of other influential spot features, such as TV and radio. The contents of his Deviant Art gallery alone, have been viewed over one billion times, and his profile currently has more than 200,000 followers.  
It goes without saying that this man’s influence goes many bounds, even apart from the fact of the inspiration from that of simply viewing his work. Stanley “Artgerm” Lau is truly one of the most talented, and influential artists of current times.
Here are some examples of his work:

source| images via deviantart

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