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In bringing in the new year, life isn’t only about making new resolutions, having nice clothes, getting new cars, or any other primarily meaningless interests. While those things might be great, what matters most above all is having clarity of mind.

Yes, you dweeb, clarity of mind.

By clarity of mind I more thoroughly mean having, and being able to harness the innate ability to clear your mind of all seeds of negativity, and instead charge your mind with only the purest of feelings.

Now, that sounds like a lot of hippie-yogi b.s., but it’s not so much the complete attempt to wipe clean all negative thoughts as it is the planting of the want.

The want for your mind to simply feel less convoluted will lead you to a mental state where you are actively searching for positively energizing thoughts instead.

At work, when you’re sitting there, hating that you’re stuck in your shift, instead of looking to join the crowd of complainers, better serve yourself by practicing creating more appreciative thoughts in your mind.

Such as for example, I’ll use the act of moving house to illustrate what I am refering to here.

Objectively, moving pretty much sucks, everyone knows this to be true. However, when you practice clearing the bull from your mind (how much time it’ll take, how much your back is hurting, the fact you wont be able to chill for the next week,) and try to find appreciation, you may find that although the pure labor of moving is for the birds, the fact that you’re able to move on in life isn’t nearly as shitty.

This is true because while the labor is toilsome, the after effect is that you’re placed in a completely new start in a better place somewhere else.

If you simply try to do this in your daily routine throughout life, it can be a practiced effort that can assist the level of irritation we feel in those exceptionally bleak moments we go through as adults.

Of course, it’s no end all cure-all, but in reality nothing is. . .

However, it’s often in attempting to improve our mindsets that we allow ourselves to find the best part of us hidden deep within- instead of simply finding reasons to complain.

It’s true that you really don’t know how much you can do until you’ve done it, or tried and failed absolutely.

Things on that list might include marathon running, bench-pressing weight, or writing a book. If you don’t rise to challenges you’ll have no idea how much you’re capable of.

A big amount of our negative emotions towards our capabilities rise from the cluttered minds we carry, those that also house our inner insecurities. In cleansing them of junk, we are able to allow them the full potential amount of unhindered space to think more efficently and effectively.

While it might be hard to imagine, with all of the events that surround our daily lives, it’s true that in the completion of it we can really witness how valuable having a clear mind actually is.

It works if you try.


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