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Before you ever take time to think about actions, you think about results, or at least you should. . . 

Average people look to settle in the routine of doing average things, and achieving average results.

Above average people look to do a little more, just so that they can feel that little hint of confidence that puts them slightly above their average folk.

Alpha-individuals do what truly means something to them. They do what they are called to- they never settle for good enough, and as so they never look to do actions which would result in such.

Alpha-individuals are misunderstood by the average folk, and hated by those who only look to do enough to separate them from those who blend in, but don’t look to make a real difference.

Alpha-individuals look to be the difference, because at the core they are the difference.

Their minds don’t work like everyone else’s, they don’t even speak the same language, so when they speak average people look on with bewildered looks as if they’re speaking Japanese, or Arabic.

There’s nothing they can do to translate, to dumb down their actions for the average to understand. It’s impossible for them to be anything less than they are.

Their thoughts are simply above everybody else.

So it’s only right that when their ideas are spoken with words, they go over the heads of others.

Although, alpha-individuals understand that their thoughts aren’t for others to understand, they know that their thoughts are only understood by themselves. They feel the truth. They understand that once those thoughts reach reality, then others will get it.

That’s when the average will assume the results of the action of the alpha-individuals were mostly luck based- as they rely heavily on it. They don’t understand the mindset.

They don’t understand that the actions, and the fruits of them, resulted from a mindset. A mindset superior to their average thoughts based heavily on looking to be told what to do.

They couldn’t understand what it’s like to not follow the instructions of another individual, but to instead only follow the strong need of the feelings within themselves.

That way of thinking could never be understood by the average, they aren’t trendy enough. 

All this while the thoughts of the truly inspired, the truly devoted, the truly enlightened, the truly addicted soar above the clouds amongst the stars. .  .

While the thoughts of the average simply read tabloids and fantasize of being ‘just like’ their favorite Hollywood-stars.

Pity on them.

Power be amongst those with their heads in the clouds.

Soar high within your thoughts, so that one day the body will follow.

Don’t settle for average-

go for all of it, and then some. 


Wolfe Spires

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