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There are so many rules and regulations in life, some that certain groups chose to follow and others that certain groups chose to ignore, but whether or not they’re followed in most cases it’s an obvious fact that they’re used to instill some sort of order within society.

The order is determined by those in those high positions to regulate the plans and ideals.

Those who make the rules for the followers to follow, as is their purpose. 

In all of this it’s easy to get caught up in routines where you may follow such a set guideline without even making the conscious effort to do so.

Although, the slavery of the mind and it’s invisible shackles isn’t as bad as it sounds for most folks, in fact they welcome them with outstretched arms.

The hearts, re-tweets, follows and likes can all be thrown into this category, they’re all behaviors of falling in line within set rules and regulations. The rules made up by the minds who were smart enough to make large bags of cash off those who weren’t smart enough to do anything but add to those bags.

It’s only once you know your own mind that you’re able to feel your true heart, and actually like yourself, instead of reaching for likes on the internet.

Because that shit is some of the most meaningless, and pointless form of accolade that we as individuals can strive for.

But it’s a fact that there are indeed people who swear by these meaningless forms of gratification, and will proudly gloat and show them off to others.

It’s a fact that many rather check the amount of likes they have, than that of the actual state of the country.

Security is boring after-all, unless it applies to your Facebook password that is…

To those who are free from trappings like these however, this life we have is truly a luxurious life to live.

For instance, you don’t need a damn bit of confirmation to have a good time. A good time is just that- a good time. There are no need for pictures and sharing on the net to make sure that others can affirm to that- it’s just natural.

You felt the joy inside and that’s affirming enough- on the other hand, most Facebookers, and Tweeters are functionally dead inside- they can no longer feel the joy naturally without it being reflected off others’ reactions.

Dead eyes look into the eyes of the free, and point and stare. They can’t understand your methods or circumstances, they are clueless to the natural essence of things- they require a source for battery power in order to be content.

When you’re free you do what you want, when you want, and if there’re consequences to that- you’ll deal with them accordingly.

You’re the boss of your own existence, you rule your reality.

This actually sounds plenty esoteric when you think about it- but think about it.

Is that’s not the only, and best way to be?

Too many of us are slaves to meaningless, and outdated rules, regulations and checklists- there’s no check list in life, only that which you feel on the inside. It’s about what truly resonates.

The slaves have forgotten that it’s what you can feel that’s most important. They’re most likely waiting for the proper text-image to post on their wall that tells them of this… The copy, and paste mind-set.

We can all be saved from the shackles- we only need to realize ourselves first. We need to find the people that we actually are. We need to find those the root of things we truly enjoy, and why they inspire us.

The funniest times in life are those where you’re having the greatest time for no good reason at all…

There needn’t be a reason- the reason it’s fun is the freedom you feel at being your most natural self, something which is lost in chasing ourselves through forms of social media.

You can’t find out who you are searching for your soul within micro-processors, and HD LCD screens. No article can tell you exactly how you feel inside, although they might be pretty close, the answer of who you truly are can only be found within yourself.

It’s up to you to find that core feeling, and immediately search for ways to feel that all the time.


It’s not up for others to tell you, it’s up to you to feel what’s right.

Go off on a irrational adventure, do irrational shit, find your irrational self and make friends with that person.

Jobs are rational for the simple fact that there’s a paycheck coming at the end of the week, it’s considered to be completely rational to work for that sure thing.

It’s been deemed by the rule-makers that it’s irrational to strive for those things that can’t be determined to be one hundred percent sure.

Traversing unsure paths in life is foolish, and irresponsible- they say. Just as the opposite is boring, and perpetually numbing to the human being that you were actually meant to be.

That’s why it’s easy to doze off in an office job, and adversely to find yourself exhilarated taking in the fresh air of the outdoors.

Walls have become the cages to the caged-beasts of our ever-increasingly docile souls.

Don’t fall victim, and don’t look for reasons to have a good time. Don’t apply for an ability to smile throughout your day. Do what you do because it feels right.

Let that be your only reason.

This falling within the consciousness of a mature mind, which knows the difference between harmful, and primarily safe decisions- don’t look to be a drug boss and walk the streets in some Hanes undies screaming how tough you are, an educated mind would know this feels like a bad decision by origin.

Instead, chose those circumstances that’ll workout the best for your favor, and apply yourself to those.

The free person knows that to be rich in life means a whole lot more than just the amount of money that’s in your bank account.

Let freedom ring.

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