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“Excuse me sir, may I ask you what’s so funny? I could use a laugh.”

“Huh? Oh, nothing really, I’m just having a bad day, a bad year actually.”

“Oh really, why is that?”

“Well, I got up this morning feeling hopeless. So I came out of my bed and came to this ledge and I was about to jump.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah, but this is the funny part. I mean it seems like nothing I do I works as a success for me. Look, I went to run and I was going to jump, but I forgot to tie my laces properly and one of them caught and I tripped and ended up here on the ground.”

“Is that why you were laughing?”

“Precisely. I mean I guess it’s pretty ironic.”

“Sure, I could see that.”

“Yeah, but now thinking about it I don’t really feel like laughing anymore. . . There’s not really anything funny.”


“No, not at all.”

“Hey man, would you like to come out to lunch with me and my wife there’s this new place right down town, I think you would love it.”

“. . . Really?”

“For sure, man. How about it?”

“Wow, I mean yeah. I really didn’t think anybody at all cared anymore, I was about to just cash out.”

“No problem, lunch is my treat so keep your cash where it is bro. C’mon.”

“Hey. . . thanks man. I really appreciate this.”

“John, my name is John.”

“Josh, it’s nice to me you bro.”



P: Jeremy Bishop

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