What Life Is…1 min read


Life is about having fun.

Life is about enjoying and growing, and helping others do the same.

Life is about living for yourself firstly, others second.

We don’t live only to serve deities, or God. Humans created Gods as a way to understand the unexplained in the world, they created religion as a way to bring wholeness, a oneness with their people and unity for their kind.

Gods were created as a way to understand what we couldn’t, but in the current times we understand what our forefathers may have never thought possible.

Religion was created to foster beliefs of kinds, but we are all one human kind, the rules are easy once you understand the true objective.

Life is about knowledge, knowing how to have fun. To have fun is to wake up and smile, to go through the day not wishing for an end, to never have enough time.

Many of us live life in the polar opposite, only wishing the day to be done at the very start.

Many of us live life in a way for reasons fathomed by others that we ourselves don’t truly understand, we live lost.

We live in the dark.

We should live in the light. We should search. We shouldn’t be happy to live in sheltered beliefs, and live sheltered lives.

We should go outside, and relate, not mis-understand, and hate.

We are all the same.

In the inside we all just want to enjoy life, we all just want to have fun.

So why not have fun?

Wolfe Spires

All about writing those interesting stories. If you like creative and different fiction here is your source to it!

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