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Sometimes in life it can feel like we are the punching dummy, to fates boxing practice- nothing seems fair, and even when we try to do good and remain positive, nothing seems to even give us an inch. It’s at these times that our  wills are truly tested, and we really find out the people we are deep down inside. To those looking for some ways to boost your morale in times such as these, here are some motivational questions to ask yourself when you find yourself at wits in with your what that which you look to become.

Why are you doing it

When you feel absolutely no motivation, and you feel like giving up, ask yourself exactly why you’re doing what you are doing what you’re doing. Are you doing it because you want to be rich? Is it because you want to become a better friend, or parent? Is it just to be more organized?

Make sure you have a clear mind set of what you want, and why it is that you want it. If you don’t know why you want it, you’ll have a hard time trying to figure out why it’s even worth working so hard for.

What are you trying to achieve

Think long and hard about you goal, visualize it in your mind, feel it on your fingertips, notice the warmth in your cheeks as you smile imagining the glory of it- relish in the satisfaction that you’ll feel once you accomplish what it is you want.

At times when life’s stresses become above the level of what you think you’re capable of handling, one of the only things that’ll help you keep your head in the game is the ability to keep a solid picture of that goal in your mind.

You have to make the image of it strong in your mind, and realize it so vividly that it blurs everything else around it.

Do you believe you can?

Above all else one of the most important key factors that promotes motivation is that of your own self confidence. Look into the mirror and tell yourself “You can do this,” tell yourself you’re able. In order to have the strength to push forward, you first have to think yourself capable first.

Take for instance that a car can only be pushed so far along long without gas, and the activity of the pushing itself is an arduous process, even if you are managing to make some ground. What’s being said is this: without utilizing the proper fuel, you will only ever make it short distances before inevitably coming to a halt.

True motivation has to come from within. Outside factors don’t make you who you are, its what you feel inside that does. You’re the one who has to be convinced in your abilities. If you aren’t, then there’s no way you can expect to ever be capable of moving forward.

Why are you doubting yourself?

Think long and hard as to what’s bringing those negative thoughts of self-doubt forward. Is it something from your past? Your parents? Your relationship? Your skill set?

Ponder as to just why you think you’re incapable, and if it’s a worthy thought, think about what can be done about it.

While some feelings of doubt can be grounded in actually, most are merely self-created, and based off of non-factual arguments. It’s also true that even that which you think you can’t do, you might actually be able to succeed in once you try.

Sure, if you’re short you might not be able to be a top championship pro wrestler, but it might be possible that you would make a fine- particularly entertaining one, complete with a high-flying acrobatic trick-set, for instance. It’s about finding your own groove.

Sometimes it’s not the dreams we chase, but the feelings. Those feelings might not even be those which we actually find value in, but rather those that have been imposed on us by others. It’s really important to know your own abilities, and also to find what it is that makes you authentically happy.

What do you need to keep going?

When it’s all said and done, what is it that you need that’ll keep you putting one foot out in front of the other? Do you think that you’ll be completely capable of doing whatever you want to do on your own, or will you need a little help from another? A friend in the same situation, or even your spouse? If you don’t feel as if you have all of the tools available at your disposal don’t take that as a reason to give in. Do your research, or shop around and find out exactly what you need and make a positive effort in obtaining it.

The more we sit around and mope, with that collection of worries floating around inside our heads, the more time it takes to actually get to what we want.

If you really want to get started making those positive steps towards your desired future, you’ll have to stop looking for excuses, and start looking for solutions, it’s the only way you’ll ever start making progress.

In Closing

Whatever it is in life that gets you down: whether it’s your job, or lack of it; take the time to stop and think about what’s at the core of those feelings of doubt. Grab a notepad, write down what you want to achieve; your current strengths, weaknesses, and really make it a point to remind yourself that you’re capable. That’s the first step.

After that, make the effort to everyday start making tiny steps towards that goal, and in doing so,they will undoubtedly give you that much needed esteem-boost, and enthusiasm that’ll eventually evolve into the super-charged current, which will in time, lead you to it.

Everyday is a new day, don’t harbor the self-doubts of yesterday, make it a point to take charge of today, and make it so for the rest of your life.

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