What’s Nice Is Ever So Nice, But What’s Nice Comes With Costs: Short Story1 min read


It’s the middle of summer, the AC is on, I know it’s costing me money but darn it feels good. I should turn it off but it really feels good, it really does.

Fast food tastes so good, but it costs money, it costs other things, it costs.

Going to the bar feels good, the fun of the social gathering, the friendliness. Where else is it so giving? Alcohol feels nice, so nice, the tab on the other hand at the end of the night? Not so much so.

Laying in bed and skipping work, feels freaking awesome, it feels greater than anything just taking the day off, disregarding the day. The entire day.

But, the missing wages on the paycheck not so nice. Rather, it makes me wish I had gotten up and gone to work, either that or that I had a twin who could do everything for me, but that’s silly. You’re an adult my papa would say, get up and go earn a living. Yeah, Yeah, but who’s living it is the question?

Why does everything that feels so nice end up in nothing, and everything that feels like nothing end up in filling what we need? I wish that the opposite was the case, but nope, that’s never the case.

In reality. . . well,

screw it, I’m laying back down.

This AC feels nice.


P: Markus Spiske

Wolfe Spires

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