About FF

So what is this site, and who am I?

To be short and sweet Frosted Fiction is creative literary writing site, yet posts about culture can also be found. The aim is to produce new and interesting serial fictions, and solo pieces of literature that you won’t find anything like anywhere else online. I write all my own fiction and produce all you see on this site. It’s a lot, but it’s fun and satisfying work!

I go by the pen of Wolfe Spires, I would consider myself creative. It’s a goal to bring truly unique and thought-evoking stories here. You will find older articles including personal philosophies, but my main focus now is all about flash, and short story fiction work. Also, a book of my past articled philosophies some which are not included on this site can be downloaded for free in this Link, Or purchased from Amazon.com using this Link, for 2.99 USD for those willing to support.

BUT HOLD ON!! I aim to break the mold, turn non-readers into readers too . . . Is that possible??

If you don’t like to read, sniff around maybe you’ll find something you like, if not come and check back once in a while you might be surprised.

Reading isn’t bad, but in most people don’t read regularly anymore. I want to make you read, and I want you enjoy it- if you already read regularly I would challenge you to read formats you’re not familiar with. Not everything is a break of the mold, but when I do I aim to make it interesting to all.

If any of this sounds in any way your taste, why not add your email to the subscriber column and you’ll get notified whenever new posts are made!



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