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These days in the Hollywood world of glitz, and glamour, it’s easy for us common people to be wrapped up and become absorbed in the world of those celebs that we may idolize, who live the lives some of us might wish to have. The life of freedom, financial security, and fame- the American dream of sorts. But along with these famed and worshiped celebs, each famous of their own regard, there also exists the particular ones that we as audience members have grown to dislike. The few more commonly associated with negative stigmas.

One such actor, or actress rather that could be placed in this field could be Kristen Stewart. The popular-high grossing actress, most commonly known for her portrayal as Bella in the Twilight series. Now you might ask, who is hating on Kristen Stewart?

Sure it’s possible that it’s isn’t you, but as a movie, and actor appreciator, I have heard many people who would rather throw shame on this actress’s name, rather than praise her for her work. This in particular, rather baffles me, and I have chosen to write about it here, just for the hell of it. So to the nay-sayers I pose you with one question-

Why you be hatin’ on Kristen Stewart??

Just look, an expression, a smile even. . . *gasp

Let’s think. Sure shes no such-in-such (add your favorite remarkable actress here, bla-bla) but personally, I believe she is very talented, and doesn’t get the appreciation she is deserved. Here is why, and why not possibly:

One of the reasons, I hear that she is supposedly a bad actress is because she carries no expression in her facial features during her roles. That she is basically a statue of average looks, and is pretty-much talentless.

Now let’s look at some of her roles, for example-

Twilight, where she plays Bella, who is an introverted high school student, that incidentally meets a vampire and falls in love with him. Now, Twilight was originally a book, which I have never read, but I would assume that the main character as explained- would be pretty sullen and boring if played out in actual life, no-one of real entertainment value. Basically, the character would be your average unnoticed girl of your high school, that there is nothing especially special about. Soo with this in mind, Kristen Stewart in her portrayal in Twilight, as being not highly excitable, not showing a huge range of expression would be pretty fitting, would it not? This is apparent here in the movie Twilight, and these presumptions can also be applied to most of the roles she plays.

Appreciators – 1, Nay-sayers – 0

Adventureland, Snow White and the Huntsman, just to name some of the more popular; these characters portrayed wouldn’t be expected to be highly ranged in way of displaying emotion. In fact, especially during Snow White and the Huntsman, the character is a depressed, suppressed, female who spent her life living in a dungeon who is ordered to be killed by a huntsman so that she can’t assume her rightful throne. In Adventureland, she is an average teen working at a fair who meets a guy and does some, well. . . stuff.

Realistically thinking, these characters for example, could be imagined to be exactly how she represents them to be through her acting. So why is it that even though these specific characters are expected to be rather gloomy, and a little more emo in general that people expect Kristen to be anything more than what the character calls for??

Don't hate, appreciate. . . just look at that face.
Don’t hate, appreciate. . . just look at that face.

Bottom line, those two roles called for exactly Kristen’s type of character. She is that average girl-type, that can be related to many outsiders among American societies’ pop culture. She is actually in fact perfect, and rather the only other celeb actress that might rival her for that spot might be Aubrey Plaza. If you disagree check out my other article for *Why Aubrey Plaza Sucks

But, lets be honest, if Twilight had starred Aubrey Plaza would you think that she would have filled that role more perfectly? Not exactly. If Jennifer Lawrence had stared as Bella, would she really have fit the role? Even though, I personally think she is a very talented actress who has a wide range of character, but the answer is no.

Face it, for those of you who don’t like Kristen, it’s probably not because she is bad as an actress, but more-so that it’s probably more acceptable to jump on the band-wagon which agrees she is bad. The reason she might be hated so much, could be because she hits close to home for a lot of the people, females, who watch her roles, and they might think that she simply cannot represent them because she is Hollywood, and can be nothing but a imitation of them, or their imagined character perceptions of her specific roles.

Sure she might not be the best actress out there, but for the roles she does play, for the most part on average, she hits the mark. The same ones who might of hated on her for her portrayal of Bella in Twilight, are the same ones who bought tickets for every movie and went out to see it. I mean c’mon, can you really disagree that she was perfect in them? Sure, no one will ever be a hundred percent perfect but it can be at least complemented that they can be an even 99.9 percent.

Overall, Kristen Stewart is a beautiful actress, who is a lovely sight to witness on the silver screen, and often times she will hit her roles on the mark. It’s simply that certain people dislike to give her due credit. But hey, the $ 3.3 billion that has been grossed by the film Twilight due in part to her help, doesn’t lie. Oh and also she is staring in a new movie, American Ultra:

So in the end, really, why you be hatin’ on Kristen Stewart?? 

Boo hoo. . . Nay-sayers. . .
Boo hoo. . . Nay-sayers. . .



*the Aubrey Plaza thing is a joke

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