You’re Living The Life of a Zombie, and You Know It11 min read


Aren’t you already dead? Do you live life, I mean sure you live, you breathe your veins pump oxygen throughout your body and you desire for more- but are you alive?

Why would you say you’re alive? Because if you weren’t there would be no way to read this right now?

That would simply be a really smart-ass remark.

But, then again the better question is why are you reading this right now? Sure, you’re thinking, and thinking, however you don’t know an answer.

Just before you click the back button on the browser you’ll read a little bit more. Just because you’re intrigued enough to find out a hint of what it is i’m talking about.

I know, I would’ve too.

Well, let me tell you, doing so is better than shoveling the constant flashes or nothing at your brain, that does nothing for it, in the same way the sound of Country, does nothing for a Hip-Hop listener, or vise-versa.

Again, before I lose your attention, let me tell you something that you’ve been raving to know: you are a zombie.

You’re dead yes, your a undead being, alive but not completely, and you’re just fine with that because you never really had a desire for this thing that is called life right?

Why, would you need to live? You have the stuff that you call music, which everyone else just calls trash. You have your movies, staring those actors that everyone says are horrible talent-less hacks, but you enjoy them.

You even know for a fact, that they’re actually what people say about them,  as everything is- more-or-less..

Hell, it’s nothing new. Most of what we see or hear, is nothing that’s really new. It’s been thought up, blueprinted and planned all by the corporations that are just so darn good at snatching that fist full of money you seem to clench so loosely.

They say, “here pay-me, now” and you say “yessir- what you’re doing is so awesome and new, I love it!

But none of these things are new, not the movies, not the music, not the games, clothes- nothing.

You know that too.

What’s a trend, but something that was probably done before by your parents, and grandparents, that was just recycled and made “fresh” again.

What’s a remake, in the cinematic sense, but a movie that you’ve already seen, just told a different way, with a different cast of characters. Sure, there’s a generation that has obviously never had the chance to experience such things, this much is true. You’re right.

But often with examples, such as remakes, they are never actually true to the originals. They are most simply produced as a corporation’s judgement of what you like as the audience, which they’re almost always entirely wrong in determining.


It’s however, their method of making it seem just new, and flashy enough so that your zombie-ass can haul out your carcass and waste time going to see it.

Hell, they knew you had nothing better to do, they always know, but do you know why?

Because they do the same stuff time, and time again, and you always fall for it. You say: maybe, just maybe this will be better than that other thing.

But, it never is. And you know that, but you had nothing better to do, so you went to go see something that you knew was going to be garbage, spending the hard earned chump change which clung to the bottom of you pocket- which just so happened to be enough to waste time with because after all you’re just a zombie. 

You don’t want anything out of life. Why? That’s just crazy talk. You don’t have time for “life,” that’s for loonies, and people who wear funny caps and call themselves weird titles, spouting about how they are reformed and born-anew. Which don’t get me wrong, as there are loonies out there, but more to the point

You, don’t have time to do things like try to live– you have a full time job. And if those loonies, had jobs, they would know better than to waste their time on things like trying to “live,” is what you say.

Because after all that’s just silly, and these bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

Yep, living is silly. Work- and spending time watching crappy mass-produced, demographically targeted media- that’s what real grown ups do. Because you live in the real world, and you’re not about that nonsense the loonies talk about.

Now take a second, in-between those thoughts you’re having about why you’re still reading this, and ask yourself, really, how crazy does what I just said sound?

Pretty silly right?

Of course it is, you zombie.

“Loonies,” read, get educated, seek purpose which some might call higher purpose– look to break free from intended restrains, and build happy and sane lives for themselves, and Zombies, do the exact opposite. But there is one thing they do achieve, and that’s the title of being a real adult, who lives in the real world.

But that’s laughable. Zombies wouldn’t know a damn thing about the real world if it smacked them dead in the face. Besides- zombies are too busy watching the Real World, to know a damn thing about this planet we’re hurling around in this massive universe called the Milky Way, which is actually one a the smallest of the galaxy, which compared to other galaxies is even smaller still.


Let me pull it back, I can hear you making your zombie grunts. Boy, all of those knowledgeable facts sure sound like a bunch of loony talk don’t they?

Think about that for a moment. If zombies, think that knowledge is loony, and that people in the real world work full time jobs, surf the TV Guide channel, and sleep whenever it’s possible- then does that mean that zombies expect that being ignorant to anything outside of their immediate surroundings, and reaching for actual clarity of their personal existence is loony?

Wow, now who sounds more loony?

Now it might sound like a bunch-of horsey-talk, which isn’t possible and you would know that if you weren’t a zombie- but it’s true that around 99.8 percent of people traversing the surface of this planet, including you, are zombies.

How can you tell? Because whenever a new trend is out, you flock to it like… well zombies to fresh human flesh.

But zombies gotta’ eat right? Sure, as long as it doesn’t have any nutritional value.

Because we all know how bright that light is inside of our heads, when we try to stay in the dark, however only to realize that once we actually step outside- it’s as overcast as it is in the midst of a massive hurricane. Just a simple analogy, for any of the zombies with some residual brain stem activity left, as for the other zombies, I’m surprised you’re still reading, there may be hope for a cure after all.

To put it lightly: I kid you not, you’re a zombie, and you are an undead being in a rotting shell which is devoid of stimulating, truly enriching activity.

But the gate hasn’t opened, and pulled you from the waiting room, to a permanent existence of undeadness just yet, so there might be still hope for you.

First thing, it’s good that you made it this far, because reading, in general, is an act that most zombies avoid with a passion.

So to continue.


Most people are what I am referring to as zombie, aka zombified dead-brain cell having folk, who in fact don’t search for reasons to elevate themselves in any manner, simply because of their following of trends, and fear of straying too far from them. 

Thus this makes you a zombie, just as the actual undead rendition of a zombie might follow in a crowd of other zombified folk, in order to reach a common goal. That goal, for the most part, is simply instant gratification.

Zombies, don’t reach for higher consciousness, they search for meat- or instant gratification, that substance which keeps them satisfied for a couple moments, until that next urge comes on.

That urge is never really satisfied, because in actuality, the substance which is being reached for wasn’t ever sufficient in the first place.

Meaning, if I have lost some of you: zombies, while i’m using the metaphor- search for flesh, but the flesh is only an aid in what ails them, it’s not in anyway the solution. Whereas the only solution for what ails a zombie, is death.

Now on the contrary, the only thing that ails for what we experience as breathing humans, is life.

What I mean by that is to say, if we only search for instant gratification, and thereby stay within a zombie mindset, we’ll only prove to aid our everlasting torment for moments at best before we have to search for the next remedy. But, if we look to elevate, or educate, ourselves we will be doing much more profitable work for ourselves.

Meaning, if we reach for matters of substance, instead of matters of instant gratification, we will be doing much more good in the long run.

The sad fact is that most zombies, don’t care about being zombies, they simply want to get what is directly ahead of them and that’s that. The problem with that is because they are zombies, because you are a zombie, you will never truly feel gratified. You will only be okay for that moment, before it’s off to moaning and groaning about the next problem that ails you.

Sure, it’s true that even when you aren’t a zombie, and are truly alive, you won’t ever be completely satisfied either, but that’s coming from a much healthier state, where you’ll always be happily searching for that next grain of knowledge.

Notice I said, happily, and not miserably. That’s a definitive difference between being a zombie, and being well… a living breathing being.

Living beings, who know and search for their truths will always feel good on the inside as well as out. And that’s always, not simply while engaging the worthwhile distractions of being a zombie.

Meaning, you will feel happy not only while you’re playing video games, or enjoying time at a bar with friends, but also during the normal work hours of the week. This is because, your mind will actually be alive, and it will be aware and alert to the knowledge surrounding it. That knowledge around it will help it to direct you in the directions which will lead you in those positive directions you wish to go.

If you’re a miserable zombie partaking in the mind-numbing activities of watching two ghetto-childlike adults argue on a reality show, you’re not aware to anything around you- you’re simply passing time.

You’re not actually happy, sure you might be laughing, but that’s only until it goes off, and you have to go back to doing the things zombies are stuck with doing, such as working a nine-to-five that has nothing to do with your interests. It’s the level of mind-numbing activity you engage in that keeps your mind unaware to anything which might be beneficial to your state-of-being.

In the same way you can’t get to a life of living on the beach simply by day-dreaming, and talking about it with fellow zombies at work- you can’t adversely expect your mind to pick up on things if you don’t engage in anything that will serve it with nutritious value.

You have to be aware of your surroundings in order to be alert to the forks in the road which will lead you to a path of actuality. And by actuality, I mean that of being a living breathing, ever-evolving being.

No one likes to stay stagnant in life, but that’s what most zombies do, and that’s probably what you do because of what I just mentioned.

But it’s true, some zombies are just happy to feel a tenth of what they really could; so they engage in all of the meaningless activities, watching all of the mass-produced corporate dribble- buying everything, in order to keep some CEO they will never meet in a living and breathing state, while they stay an undead zombified being.

You’ll pass the time moaning and groaning to other zombies, and feel accompanied in your undead state and feel just fine about it simply because you’re not alone.

This is just the reality of your existence because you’re a zombie.

But the world needs zombies, as much as it needs living beings. That’s the simple reality of the way our world works. So go-on-ahead and continue to let this information pass overhead, and tromp flat-footedly about this dying Earth, moaning-and-groaning as you do. At least there’s company in it.

If you want to live, however, the only way to do so is to become self-aware, and encourage, and nurture a mind-state for success and healthiness. You can’t reach there as you are: there’s tight security, and there’re many guards at post tasked with the sole responsibility of keeping you zombies out.

We don’t need your kind infecting others with the disease.

So if you want to continue being a zombie, that’s fine, the world needs you to; if not then there’s plenty of room in the community for prosperity- and it feels a whole lot better on the side of awareness.

Just if you decide to keep being a zombie, keep the biting to yourself, we’re immune to your diseases bro.




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