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We all like tea right? Iced-tea, green-tea, red-tea, white-tea, black-tea, Ice-T, but what about fungus infused tea? If you’ve never heard of Kombucha before, it is a fermented tea drink that’s apparently very good for you. Yes, it’s a rotten tea that’s good for your insides, it’s even technically a slightly alcoholic beverage. Kombucha, can also be enjoyed without added sugars and such, making it an overall healthier treat than regular store brand tea. Sounds pretty sweet and amazing right? Well before we learn about any more of the health benefits of kombocha, let’s first look at what makes it take on these certain extra helpful qualities shall we?

It’s called Scoby. The reason why the tea is so healthy is thanks to a little thing called Scoby. Sounds cute right, a little like Scooby-Do the cartoon, and who doesn’t love Scooby-Do?

Not quite.

Scoby as it’s called, looks like this:


and this:

robert anthony provost|flickr

It feeds in innocent tea like this:

hella delicious flickr
hella delicious|flickr

Living and breathing, transforming your regular tea, into fermented zombie soup. After that, it’s bottled, shipped and stocked in stores like this:

kate raynes|flickr

All nice lovely and pure looking. But inside we know it’s much different. It’s ploy is to look nice and pure, inside that shimmering, glossy bottle. All with the hidden intention of turning you into this!:



Alright maybe not. But it is a little freaky if you note the part that “scoby” is actually a hugely (and it can get quite huge, trust me.)  inflated civilization of living yeast, and bacteria. It’s like living pancake, except I doubt anyone would want to butter it, and slather syrup on top. The kicker is it’s nickname is “mother” which is fitting seeing as how it actually looks like pregnancy afterbirth, for your tea. And It looks like something straight out of a challenge, on Fear Factor.

Besides the lingering fact that it is pretty disgusting to think about, unless you happen to be a huge health nut, (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It is quite healthy indeed. It would seem health as it stands, has it’s give and takes, as kombucha actually does have many health benefits. For example, it leads to improved digestion. As well as the assistance to joint damage repair, among other things, making the “scoby” floating inside of the tea your friend. It’s a happy, healthy organism, only there with wishes of helping you, you know so you can do number-two better, and get back to TV before the commercials to your favorite show ends. I should note as well, however that the scoby doesn’t come bottled in it’s solid form inside your tea. That would make it incredibly difficult to drink, for various reasons.

While Kombucha tea is sold in stores, it is also a normal practice for people to make their own at home with the use of their own scoby, scobies? Oh well, you get the point. Although, it is said that can possibly lead to some side effects such as infection, if made at home and not properly sterilized. Besides that, it’s all well and good, as long as you don’t happen to have a problem drinking fizzy tea, filled with yeast growth particles that await to take control over your living body!

Just kidding. I believe i’ll pass though, but for those who do enjoy it, drink up!

 source|dr.axe thumbnail via|mgarten

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